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Improve Air Quality & Energy Efficiency With Techna-Duc®

By Aria Chambers | January 21, 2020


The #ThinkBIG solution for improving air quality and energy efficiency is Techna-Duc®. Watch as we identify and remove failed traditional ductwork insulation and transform the system with Techna-Duc®. Learn more about Techna-Duc® and other #ThinkBIG insulation solutions at


Save Money By Reducing HVAC Energy Costs

Moisture effectively destroys insulation. Wet insulation loses about 80% of its’ insulation value. Dual-Tech and Techna-Duc repel moisture, keeping your system far more efficient.

Both Dual Tech and Techna-Duc will pay for themselves through reduced energy costs. These systems double the R-value of traditional wrapped insulation and significantly reduce air leakage (Dual Tech, for example, reduces air leakage to less than 1%–uninsulated duct will typically leak about 20%). Less air leakage and more insulation value means less heat transfer, thus reducing the amount of energy your HVAC system needs to run. As a result, your system will perform more efficiently with less need to compensate for heat loss or gain.

Create Insulated Ductwork That Lasts

Techna-Duc and Dual-Tech systems are jacketed in .032-inch aluminum and sealed against water intrusion and air leakage. Techna-Duc's crowned aluminum protection resists snow-loads, UV rays and puddling. Should any moisture manage to penetrate the system, the polyisocyanurate foam board absorbs less than 0.1% of water which touches it.

Neither Techa-Duc or Dual-Tech will require any maintenance, further reducing your total ownership costs.

Both systems come with a 20-year limited warranty. Owners might replace traditional systems (typically warrantied for only one year) up to three times in the lifetime of one installation of Dual-Tech or Techna-Duc. Since 2001, customers have made zero warranty claims on either product.

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