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ErectaStep Portable Stairs FAQs

Below you will find answers to the questions we get asked the most about ErectaStep Portable Stairs

Do I Need OSHA or IBC Stairs?

IBC regulations are more demanding than OSHA. The OSHA guidelines have an understanding that end users are authorized adults. These stairs are used in a private industrial or construction environment. However, IBC codes assume that the user may be a small child. Therefore, the IBC construction requirements must be more stringent regarding safety. These stairs are used in a public commercial or residential setting.

In general, the OSHA stairs require less space to reach a given height. They also requires less material to construct and therefore have a lower cost. Portable stairs that meet IBC requirements are new to the market and represent an easy option to install stairs for modular office buildings, temporary classrooms and temporary housing that is open to the public.

See our illustrated blog post to gain a better understanding of OSHA and IBC stair requlations.

Download Illustrated OSHA vs. IBC Stair Requirements Reference Sheet.

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Are you wondering how to distinguish between OSHA and IBC stair requirements?

We have created an illustrated blog post that explains the differences and requirements of each type. Read here to gain a better understanding of this puzzling topic.