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Banks Industrial Adopts COSS Model

banksindustrial Nov 3, 2014 10:40:00 AM

November 3, 2014—Banks Industrial Group is committed to providing you with reliably safe service. As part of that ongoing commitment, Gary has completed the Certified Occupational Safety Specialist® (COSS®) Program certification process.

COSS has better equipped BIG to recognize, control and prevent safety hazards. In turn, this minimizes loss exposure and brings value to your bottom line when we are working at your site.

The COSS Model focuses on four key steps to providing a workplace that is free of recognized hazards, as prescribed by the OSHA Act of 1970:

  • Recognize and identify safety hazards.
  • Instruct each employee in hazard recognition and avoidance.
  • Eliminate or control hazards–while elimination is almost impossible, employees must learn to mitigate hazards by using COSS techniques.
  • Select appropriate hazard controls based on federal and state compliance laws, and industry-specific best practices.

By learning how to promote safety on a job site, COSS graduates have the knowledge to help lower fatalities, near misses and OSHA citations.