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Belzona, Inc. Announces New Owner of Repair Technology Distributorship

banksindustrial Oct 27, 2008 5:24:00 PM

Miami, FL., October 27, 2008—Belzona, Inc., a leading provider of coatings and repair composites, is pleased to announce the new owner, Gary Banks, of the Repair Technology Distributorship, which provides solutions to Western New York, Eastern Pennsylvania, and the entire state of New Jersey. Already, in his short while of servicing the area, Banks has grown the customer base to include seven refineries, ten nuclear power plants, and several fossil and chemical plants. “And that doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface,” stated Banks with regards to their true potential. “New Jersey alone is known as the pharmaceutical state, not to mention their concentration of wastewater treatment facilities, schools, hospitals, distribution buildings, and office complex across the tri-state territory.”

Future plans for Repair Technology include implementing new technology to help increase sales and establishing a training facility for customers. But for now Banks shares his excitement with the renewal of the Repair Technology Distributorship. “I stumbled across Belzona over 30 years ago while selling online leak sealing service to the petrochemical and utility markets and thought—this is a first rate product! Now I proudly distribute it to many of my previous customers and not to mention a rapidly increasingly number of new customers as well.”

Belzona, Inc. Vice President, Javier Palenque explains, “Gary’s 30 plus years experience as an entrepreneur and sales person factored favorably in our decision to appoint him as Distributor. It became quickly apparent that he understood the complexities of operating and building a Distributorship, which boosted our confidence in knowing that our customers will receive the level of quality and support they expect from Belzona.”

Repair Technology is located in Berlin, NJ. For more information on the products and services provided by Repair Technology, authorized Belzona Distributor, please contact us at 856-687-2225.

About Belzona, Inc.

As a manufacturer of industrial protective coatings and repair composites since 1952, Belzona® provides a wide variety of solutions to rebuild, repair and maintain machinery, equipment and building structures. Belzona®’s local on-site technical consultants analyze the situation, recommend the solution, and supervise the application. With their global distribution network covering more than 120 countries and 24-hour technical support, Belzona® has established itself in the forefront of the industry by serving such markets as oil and gas, power, marine and water/wastewater.