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Pump Base Repair

Pump Base Repair Service

For the rebuilding, securing and protection of pump pedestals, machinery foundations and related structures

Banks Industrial Group offers rapid and durable repair and protection of pump foundations and equipment bases subject to impact, vibration and chemical damage as well as environmental degradation. Our Belzona construction polymers adhere strongly to the existing concrete and cure in a matter of hours, achieving full mechanical hardness soon after. Benefits include:

  • Fast-curing for minimal downtime
  • Stronger than concrete
  • Impact & vibration resistant to hold up against constant vibration
  • Withstands wide range of chemical attack for long service life
  • Dampens machine noise and vibration
  • Prevents loosening of threaded bolts
  • All pump foundation repair materials are 100% solids, non-shrinking
  • Cold-curing - no hot work required
  • Long-lasting, durable results

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