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specialized acid resistant epoxy mortar used to repair damaged acid brick underneath CIP machinery

Acid Proof Brick Lining Repair Case Study

Repairing Acid Brick Flooring with Belzona Epoxy Aggregate for Long-Term Corrosion Prevention

Building Specs:
Food and Beverage Plant

Pain Point:
Cleaning In Place (CIP) Chemical Exposure Eroded the Plant’s Acid Proof Brick Lining

Food and Beverage Plant’s Vision:
Create high-quality food and beverage products with maximum efficiency 

Food and Beverage Plant’s Challenge:
Cleaning In Place (CIP) chemical exposure eroded the plant’s acid brick grout lines. The eroded grout lines allowed the ingress of excessive moisture, leading to loose bricks, pockets of mold, and rampant bacterial growth.

The Challenge’s Impact on the Plant’s Day-to-Day Work:
As the plant’s grout problem worsened, repairs became necessary. Unfortunately, traditional grout repair is a time-consuming process that involves substrate fixes, brick replacements, and new grout lining. In most cases, this kind of acid-proof brick lining repair can take 28 days to cure. If the plant chose a conventional repair route, operators would have to halt production until repairs were complete.

Facing the potential of four weeks of downtime, the plant needed to find a better solution that would enable a rapid return to operation. 

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Banks Industrial Group’s Solution: Repair the Acid-Proof Brick Lining with Belzona Epoxy Aggregate

To help the food and beverage plant return to operation as soon as possible, Banks Industrial Group (BIG) repaired the acid brick lining with fast-curing Belzona epoxy aggregate. Epoxy aggregate is a great material for industrial food/beverage flooring repair due to its:

  • Ability to withstand acids, chemicals, abrasions, and physical impacts
  • Quick curing time (days as opposed to weeks)
  • USDA approval for incidental food contact
  • Long service life and resistant properties

BIG’s acid-proof brick lining solution eliminated the plant’s problem without a single moment of downtime. BIG’s team began work on a Friday at midnight, completing the job in 16 hours. The plant was ready to open Monday morning at 6 AM. Service entailed:

1. Removing the loose acid bricks and damaged substrate

acid bricks loosened due to deteriorated grout

2. Installing a new base of marble chips bonded with epoxy resin

marble chips bonded with epoxy resin are used to fill and level the floor

3. Applying a strong top layer of Belzona 4131 epoxy aggregate

specialized acid resistant epoxy mortar is used to replac ethe damaged acid bricks

4. Allowing the finish to have ample time to cure (24 hours)

the finished acid brock floor repair

Not only did BIG solve the food/beverage plant’s brick lining problem without halting production, but the epoxy aggregate also provided the plant with a floor that is hygienic and resilient for long-term use. 

Banks Industrial Group specializes in above-ground storage tank insulation, protective coatings, concrete, and related maintenance and repair services. Our innovative, and cost-saving solutions help keep your facility running efficiently. For more information about our acid-proof brick lining, and other industrial solutions, contact our team today by calling 856-687-2227.