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Various Banks Industrial Group workers shown in a polyptych

Why join the team at Banks Industrial Group?

BIG reasons why you might want to work with us

1. We seek people who value their families and help them do so

  • We always support our teammates when their families need them
  • We cherish the support provided by our family to make this business successful
  • Our business started in a spare bedroom - we remember our humble beginnings

2. Our pay and benefits package competes well with any in our industry

  • If we make money, our team makes money
  • We want to be fair to everyone
  • Compensation includes competitive base rates and numerous incentives
  • Performance and profit-based bonuses for all members
  • Healthy commission schedule for technical consultants
  • 401k participation immediately upon hire - no waiting period
  • 401k matching program after one year of service
  • Paid time off and health benefits increase with time in service
  • One week extra paid time off for parents of newborns

3. We are growing rapidly and embrace changes that come with growth

  • We value people who constantly seek improvement and innovate in our services
  • You won't hear "this is the way we've always done it" as an excuse here at BIG

4. We train our team and empower them to get the job done

  • We invest in our team to improve their skills and serve our customers well
  • The more we train, the better service we provide

5. Different challenges, different solutions, daily

  • The problems our customers pose for us give our team the opportunity to take on different challenges every day

6. We do everything possible to make our workplace safe

  • Our workplaces demand the safest of practices
  • We empower our employees to set high safety standards
  • We empower every team member to stop a job if they see an unsafe situation
  • We empower every team member to procure any equipment needed on the spot to complete a job safely

7. We value people with a sense of humor

  • It makes working here just a little bit more enjoyable
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Day In The Life Field Tech Video Preview
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Banks Industrial Group Hiring FAQs

Discover the most frequently asked questions about working at Banks Industrial Group and find the answers you seek below.

Are Banks Industrial Group and Belzona Repair Technology the same company?

Repair Technology distributes Belzona repair epoxies and serves as a sister company of Banks Industrial Group. Banks Industrial Group technicians use Belzona® products to quicky repair and coat customer assets that would otherwise need replacement, getting them back into operation in a timely fashion.

How many employees work for Banks Industrial Group / Repair Technology?

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What kinds of benefits does Banks Industrial Group / Repair Technology offer?

Will I have to provide my own tools?

What are the work hours for a field position?

Is overnight travel required for field positions?

What are the work hours for an office or warehouse position?

Does Banks Industrial Group / Repair Technology have a uniform or dress code?