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BIG Learning Center

In the spirit of sharing knowledge and advancing best practices, Banks Industrial Group provides this collection of videos, white papers and case studies. We hope this information will help you save time and money by improving energy efficiency and extending the service life of equipment and structures.

Interactive Solution Maps

Pick an application example and point to your trouble area – a BIG solution for that problem will pop up.

Tank Terminal Solutions

Solutions for storage tank terminals and petrochemical facilities.

Building Maintenance

Facility maintenance solutions for equipment and structures.

Hospital Solutions

Maintenance and repair services for medical and care facilities.

Wastewater Solutions

Protective coating and repair for wastewater treatment facilities.

Power Plant Solutions

Repair, maintenance, insulation and coatings for power plants.

BIG Webinars

Check out our informational webinars on industrial insulation, maintenance and repair topics.

HVAC Maintenance Solutions

This webinar explores the use of Belzona epoxy for the rebuild and protective coating of HVAC equipment such as cooling towers and tube sheets. Presented by Ajay Patel and Mark Borsky. Click or tap to watch.

Exploring Belzona Concrete Solutions

Repair Technology, LLC, Authorized Belzona Distributor and sister company, Banks Industrial Group present Belzona concrete solutions that repair, protect, and improve damaged and deteriorating concrete. Click or tap to watch.

Solutions for Maintenance & Repair of Secondary Containment Areas

We discuss common maintenance issues and solutions for secondary containment areas using Belzona repair and coating products. Click or tap to watch.

What Lies Beneath CUI, Where to Find CUI & Preventative Repair Solutions

This webinar defines corrosion under insulation, addresses why CUI occurs, and how Belzona products can help to repair, protect, and improve equipment experiencing corrosion under insulation. Click or tap to watch.

The Importance of Process Safety Management & Mechanical Integrity

We review the history of process safety management, the importance of mechanical integrity, and preventative solutions for your equipment. Click or tap to watch.

Aboveground Storage Tank Maintenance Solutions for In-service and Idle Tanks

We explore tank insulation systems, non-weld options for maintenance, and more to alleviate concern as oil storage reaches a premium due to current events. Click or tap to watch.

Exploring Belzona SuperWrap II

This webinar explores various applications of the Belzona SuperWrap II composite repair system including fixes for corroded pipe, tanks and concrete. Click or tap to watch.

BIG Information Channels

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BIG YouTube Channel

Checkout our latest demo and informational videos on the BIG YouTube Channel.

Thinking BIG! Blog

Find in-depth articles on maintenance, repair and thermal insulation topics in our Thinking BIG! blog.

Belzona Repair Technology

Discover more Belzona information at our sister company Repair Technology website.

BIG Social Media

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Case Studies, Brochures & Infographics Downloads

A collection of our printed materials available for download.

Fulfillment Center Crossover Case Study

Download PDF.

Commercial HVAC Duct Insulation Case Study

Download PDF.

Industrial HVAC Duct Insulation Case Study

Download PDF.

API 653 Best Practices White Paper

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Tank Roof Insulation Non-Weld Options

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Lakehurst Hangar Case Study

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Storage Tank Insulation Brochure

Download PDF.

ErectaStep Crossover Stairs Brochure

Download PDF.

Banks Industrial Group Line Card

Download PDF.

Tank Terminal Solution Map

Download PDF.

Building Maintenance Solution Map

Download PDF.

Hospital Maintenance Solution Map

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Wastewater Plant Solution Map

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Power Station Solution Map

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Smooth Ride Expansion Joint Repair

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Techna-Duc® Brochure

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Techna-Duc® Specs

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Dual-Tech® Brochure

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Dual-Tech® Specs

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