Protective Coatings & Epoxy Repair Composites

Repair, protect and improve equipment and structures - fast application and durable results

Banks Industrial Group provides turnkey application of Belzona® epoxy repair compounds and protective coatings. We fix and prevent damage caused by corrosion, erosion, abrasion, impact and chemical attack problems.

Belzona epoxies give you a safe, cost-effective method to rebuild and protect a variety of equipment and structures (you will find some of our top solutions listed below). Assets that would otherwise need replacement or face a shortened service life, are quickly repaired, coated and put back into operation.

Here are some ways that Belzona saves you time, money and labor:

  • Extend service life—rebuild and protect damaged equipment and structures rather than replacing them
  • Reduce downtime—Belzona is easy to apply and cures fast so your assets are up and running sooner
  • Save labor—avoid equipment disassembly, welding and post weld heat treatment to reduce time and expense
  • Regain lost efficiency—repair erosion/corrosion damage to save energy costs, improve productivity and increase profits
  • Work safely—Belzona is VOC-free and allows for in-situ cold work