Secondary Containment Coatings & Repair Service

Extend asset service life, reduce maintenance costs, prevent chemical spills to safeguard the environment

Banks Industrial provides containment coating and repair service to restore and protect secondary containment areas susceptible to chemical attack, deterioration and settlement cracking. We repair or replace damaged concrete substrate and then apply epoxy coatings to protect against corrosion and chemical attack. Benefits include:

  • Protect your local environment against chemical spills, leaks and contamination
  • Prolong service life of secondary containment, sumps, pits, channels and bases
  • Avoid costly reconstruction by restoring damaged concrete including resurfacing, crack repair and expansion joint sealing
  • Reduce downtime for maintenance with cold-applied and fast-curing materials
  • Long-lasting, polymeric protection will decrease maintenance costs
  • Isolate and protect concrete, tile and metal from damaging chemical attack
  • High level of adhesion and flexibility to bridge cracks prevents disbondment
  • Provides exceptional compressive strength and resistance to impacts and abrasion
  • Safe application with cold-curing, solvent-free, no VOC materials
  • Easily repaired should mechanical damage ever occur