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Secondary Containment Area Coating & Repair

Secondary Containment Coatings & Repair Service

Extend asset service life, reduce maintenance costs, prevent chemical spills to safeguard the environment

Banks Industrial provides containment coating and repair service to restore and protect secondary containment areas susceptible to chemical attack, deterioration and settlement cracking. We repair or replace damaged concrete substrate and then apply epoxy coatings to protect against corrosion and chemical attack. Benefits include:

  • Protect your local environment against chemical spills, leaks and contamination
  • Prolong service life of secondary containment, sumps, pits, channels and bases
  • Avoid costly reconstruction by restoring damaged concrete including resurfacing, crack repair and expansion joint sealing
  • Reduce downtime for maintenance with cold-applied and fast-curing materials
  • Long-lasting, polymeric protection will decrease maintenance costs
  • Isolate and protect concrete, tile and metal from damaging chemical attack
  • High level of adhesion and flexibility to bridge cracks prevents disbondment
  • Provides exceptional compressive strength and resistance to impacts and abrasion
  • Safe application with cold-curing, solvent-free, no VOC materials
  • Easily repaired should mechanical damage ever occur

Need Containment Coating Work?

Problem: Deterioration of secondary containment areas causes an increased risk for environmental contamination

Secondary containment areas surround primary hazardous material containers in order to protect groundwater and the local environment by holding back chemical spills. These areas are subject to abusive operating conditions and can deteriorate as a result of chemical exposure, settlement cracking, freeze/thaw cycles, and impact damage. Such disrepair will jeopardize protection and increase the risk of environmental contamination in the event of an accident.

Owners should fully evaluate the extent of damage to the underlying substrate from wear, chemical exposure or cracking. Ordinary concrete repairs may or may not be possible. Extreme cases may require full replacement of the concrete. Owners should consult with a coatings expert to determine the type of coating appropriate to the chemicals stored within the containment to ensure it can withstand spills and splashes. 

Federal, state and local authorities regulate secondary containment areas. Failure to properly maintain containment areas can lead to penalty fines. Furthermore, hazardous material leaks into the environment can add hefty cleanup and legal expenses.

Solution: Safeguard the environment, protect your bottom line – rebuild or replace damaged concrete and protect it with an appropriate coating

Owners should evaluate, repair or replace the underlying substrate based on the extent of damage. You should ensure that the substrate can handle a coating appropriate to the chemical threat. 

Polymeric epoxies offer proven longevity for secondary containment repair and protective coating purposes. Materials are chemically engineered and tested to ensure high-performance within harsh industrial environments. These materials can be matched for a resistance level that is appropriate for the chemical in storage.

Our repair mortars and protective coatings are safe, solvent-free, cold-applied, fast curing and strong bonding. We apply them quickly and with minimal downtime. The end result is long-term, tough protection and peace of mind knowing that your containment areas mitigate potential legal and environmental risks. 

Containment Area Repair Materials
We typically use polymeric repair mortars to patch and rebuild damaged containment walls, floors, bases and sumps. These materials provide exceptional compressive strength, good impact resistance and durable adhesion to concrete. We can provide specialized formulations to withstand extreme chemical attack and high heat. We can also scale the solution to meet the owner's requirements.

Chemical Resistant Containment Coatings
Banks Industrial applies protective barrier coatings to seamlessly encapsulate and protect existing and newly constructed containment areas. A variety of high-performance formulations are available to tolerate chemical attack ranging from mild and dilute to caustics and acids – even at high temperatures and concentrations. Strong bonding characteristics prevent delamination and allow for application over existing coatings.

We carefully match the choice of containment coating with exact operating conditions to achieve the optimal, long-term protection. The right coating will safeguard your containment structure and significantly reduce maintenance costs by eliminating the need for frequent repair work. Banks Industrial Group provides expert consultation and site evaluation in order to match the best materials to your operating environment. 

Fix it yourself with our guidance, or have us fix it for you.

See our post Spilling the Facts on Secondary Spill Containment to gain an understanding of when, why, and how secondary spill containment should be a part of your operational safety protocol.

How Can We Help You?

BIG provides single-source service for containment coating and concrete rehab. Please contact us today for more information or to schedule service.

Chemical resistant containment area coating

HCl acid test: concrete on left is damaged, Belzona coating on right shields the concrete from acid attack.

Concrete Repair and Containment Coating

Before and after of concrete repair and containment coating.

Detail of secondary containment area repair and protection

Deteriorated concrete is repaired and protected.

Watch Video

Belzona Flexible Barrier 4361 application demo.