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Industrial Stair Systems

Improve safety and efficiency with our OSHA compliant stairs

Have an OSHA compliant stair system in place on your site within days. Our prefabricated stairs and platforms save you time and money. There is no need for custom fabrication that can take weeks. Modular components allow for rapid design and assembly. DIY or have BIG install. We provide crossover stairs, maintenance platforms, safety gates, portable stairs and rolling work platforms.

  • Fast installation with prefabricated components
  • We provide expert consultation
  • Get drawings and a quote in minutes
  • All items are OSHA 1910.25 compliant
  • IBC compliant systems also available
  • Components are in stock and ready to ship
  • Bespoke systems available for specialized applications
Watch Video

Watch this short video to see how easy it is to assemble an ErectaStep crossover stair.

Crossover Stairs & Maintenance Platforms

OSHA compliant modular design allows infinite configurations and fast assembly.

ErectaStep Prefabricated Metal Stairs & Work Platforms

Enhance safety and productivity with our ErectaStep crossover stairs and maintenance access platforms. ErectaStep's modular design accommodates a wide range of applications and minimizes the time needed for design and assembly. Components bolt together for fast construction without special tools, welding or the use of cranes. We are able to place an ErectaStep at your site in a fraction of the time required for custom fabricated metal stairs. All components are pre-engineered and OSHA compliant. Most systems are in-stock and ready to ship from our Philadelphia warehouse. Learn more about ErectaStep crossover stair and ladder systems

Modular Components Allow Unlimited Configuration Possibilities

Five modular components allow unlimited configurations. No fabrication is required. ErectaStep quickly bolts together to provide stairs, ladders, crossovers and work platforms for safe access over pipes, dike walls, conveyor belts and other obstructions.

PerfectaStep Customized Stairs & Platforms

The ErectaStep modular system adapts well to most requirements. But, some applications need modification for optimal safety and productivity. PerfectaStep gives us the ability to customize ErectaStep to fit your exact work area. While this process will take extra time, it is faster than conventional fabrication. Also, PerfectaStep permits quick assembly because custom items bolt together with prefab ErectaStep components.

Industrial Safety Gates

OSHA compliant fall protection for floor and wall openings and holes.

YellowGate Safety Swing Gates

Our safety gates are an easy way to provide OSHA compliant fall protection for industrial work areas. No measuring is needed – count the number of openings to protect and place an order. YellowGate's width is adjustable from 16- to 36-inches, and a universal mounting bracket allows installation to walls, tubes and angle iron. No special tools or additional parts are required. YellowGate protects floor openings, ladderways and railing openings per OSHA 1910.23 requirements. YellowGate is in stock and ready to ship from our warehouse. Learn more about YellowGate safety swing gates

Portable Stairs

OSHA & IBC compliant stairs for job trailers, modular offices and temporary housing.

Prefabricated Metal Stairs

Our portable stairs provide safe access to job trailers, office trailers and temporary buildings. Two models are available to meet OSHA or IBC compliance. OSHA models are suitable for industrial and construction sites. The IBC models (also OSHA compliant) are proper for commercial and residential applications. Each model is available in 7 sizes from 28- to 63-inch height. Legs are field adjustable to accommodate uneven terrain and keep the platform level. Components bolt together without need of special tools or welding. Systems are in stock and ready to ship. Learn more about portable stairs for office and job trailers

Roof Access Stairs

Aluminum construction, OSHA or ADA compliant, customized layouts available

Custom Exterior Roof Access Stairs

Banks Industrial Group sells and installs fixed aluminum exterior roof access stair systems from Upside Innovations. Use them to replace hazardous ladders and cages. These systems are strong to keep employees safe and they will not rust or rot. Learn more about exterior roof access stair systems.

RollaStep Rolling Stair Work Platforms

Mobility to provide a safe working environment for industrial and warehouse applications.

Tilt Roll Rolling Stairs

Tilt & Roll Stair Platforms

Provide safe access for warehouse tasks with our tilt and roll stair platforms. The 6 sq. ft. work platform has space for an operator and tools. Lightweight frame and side casters are easy to move in confined spaces.

Rolling Stair Cantilever Work Platform

Cantilever Work Platforms

Looking for a way to get operators above and over railcars, tank trucks and tall machinery? Use a rolling cantilever work platform to safely access these difficult situations. Five models from 8 to 12 steps.

Rolling Stair Variable Height Work Platform

Variable Height Platforms

Allow personnel to perform tasks at the correct height with a variable height, self-leveling work platform. Use to access multiple locations with a single platform. Six sq. ft. work area fits operator and tools.

Rolling Work Platform

Rolling Work Platform

Get plenty of space for multiple workers and tools with a RollaStep rolling stair work platform. Handrails are removable to access over obstacles or the side of a flatbed. Can be customized to suit work area.

Fulfillment Center Crossover Case Study

Fulfillment Center Case Study

Click or tap the image above to download this case study. Find out how our ErectaStep system helped increase worker safety and productivity.

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