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BIG holiday party 2018 and core values wallet card

Banks Industrial Group Core Values

Thinking BIG about the stuff that matters to us

Regardless of the circumstances, the following values drive us:

1. BIG is a family first company

  • We value team members who appreciate and support their family
  • We seek to provide resources for team to put their families first
  • We value our work, but it pales in comparison to those who love and support us

2. Industrial safety at any cost

  • We will do anything to ensure that our team returns home safely each night
  • We expect our team to plan for and mitigate risks
  • We empower any team member to stop any job to correct any unsafe condition
  • We empower any team member to procure any equipment to complete jobs safely

3. Do what is best for our customers

  • We will never sell a solution inappropriate or excessive to our customer's problems
  • Given unforeseen challenges, we default to a choice resulting in the best customer outcome, regardless of our bottom line

4. Be fair to everyone

  • Treat others with respect and fairness
Banks Industrial Group Core Values