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Thinking BIG!

Banks Industrial Group provides the Thinking BIG! Blog in the spirit of sharing knowledge and advancing best practices for industrial insulation and maintenance.

Flexible Bollards Protect Machinery And Worker

Silent Sentries; Common Uses of Safety Bollards in Industry and Beyond

What began centuries ago as a simple post to moor a boat is today one of the most common safety features you’ll find almost any time you walk into an industrial space. Bollards..

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Forklift moving across concrete floor in warehouse

The High Cost of Ignoring Cracked Warehouse Concrete Floors

How concrete damage and poor expansion joints drive up the cost of warehouse operations Ignoring routine preventative maintenance runs up the tab on operating costs well beyond..

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indoor air quality test at a transportation terminal

Indoor Air Quality and Workplace Health

IAQ or Indoor Air Quality means exactly what it says; it’s the quality assessment of the air you breathe in and around buildings or other structures at your commercial,..

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secondary spill containment berms and dikes surround various fuel storage tanks

Spilling the Facts on Secondary Spill Containment

When, why, and how an SSC should be a part of your operational safety protocol When it comes to regulations, designs, and requirements, the secondary spill containment (SSC)..

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Metal Guard Rail vs Flexible Guard Rail

Sourcing the Best Warehouse Safety Barriers: Steel vs Polymer

Hard hats, painted floor lines, warning signs, lock out-tag out procedures, handover briefings…these are all hallmarks of a good workplace safety program.

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deteriorated hvac ducts on a rooftop show lack of maintenance

Reasons Why Ductwork Fails and How to Avoid Them

It’s probably one of the most important systems in a commercial or industrial facility that is rarely seen and thought about even less; the ductwork. While it may be out of sight,..

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