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Metal Corrosion Repair Work

Metal Repair / Rebuild Services

Extend asset service life - fast application, durable results

Banks Industrial Group repairs metal corrosion, thin-wall conditions, cracks and holes in pipes, tanks, pumps and mechanical equipment. Our solutions save you time and money by extending the service life of equipment and structures that would otherwise need replacement. In may cases we are able to restore equipment considered beyond repair.

Our innovative solutions are engineered to withstand harsh operating conditions such as erosion, corrosion, abrasion, chemical attack and mechanical damage, as well as high pressures and temperatures.


  • Repair and strengthen assets suffering from internal or external erosion and corrosion
  • Restore large metal structures, such as decks, tanks, roofs and floors
  • Fix damage to complex geometries in vessels and pipework, including bends, tees and flanges
  • Metal bonding without hotwork – attach equipment, handrails, pipe supports, etc.


  • Extend asset service life, lower maintenance costs
  • Reduce downtime needed for repair and replacement parts
  • Fast, safe, cold-applied and cold-curing solutions
  • Excellent erosion / corrosion protection and chemical resistance
  • Can be designed for compliance with ISO 24817 and ASME PCC-2
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Storage Tank & Vessel Repair

Rapidly applied, long-lasting repair and protective solutions for metal and concrete tanks and structures.

Storage Tank Repair

We repair tank shell corrosion, rebuild thin-wall/through-wall metal damage, seal leaks and deteriorated weld seams with fast-curing, cold-bond repair compounds.

Storage Tank Repair Service

Tank Base Sealing

Prevent tank floor corrosion caused by water ingress under insulation at the tank base. Reduce risk of contamination and product loss. Durable and fast, to apply for minimal downtime.

Tank Base Sealing

Protective Coatings

Prevent deterioration and reduce risk of shutdown. Belzona coatings shield against erosion, corrosion, chemical attack, continuous immersion, elevated temperature and high-pressure.

Protective Coating Service

Industrial Pipe Repair & Flange Face Rebuild

Repair and prevent corrosion damage, rebuild areas of thin-wall/through-wall metal loss and repair leaks.

Pipe CUI Repair & Protection

Avoid expensive replacement costs and minimize costly shutdowns. We find and repair hidden surface corrosion, pitting and thin-wall defects.

Pipe CUI Repair & Protection Service

Pipe Thin/Through Wall Repair

Get your pipes back in service fast! We offer a variety of dependable solutions to strengthen and repair pipes damaged by corrosion or abrasives.

Pipe Wrap Repair Service

Soil Line Pipe Corrosion Repair

Thin-walled or through-wall pipe can be brought back to ISO, ASME and US DOT code standards by utilizing our Superwrap pipe repair system.

Soil Line Corrosion Repair Service

Pipe Shoe Plate Repair

Safely bond wear pads and shoe plates without using hot work. Isolate the pipe from its base to prevent galvanic corrosion.

Pipe Shoe Plate Repair Service

Flange Face Repair

Repair damaged flange faces and protect from corrosion. No hot work necessary, applied in minutes, returned to service in hours.

Flange Face Repair Service

Flange Encapsulation

Removable/re-Sealable coating for the protection of flanges, fastenings and associated pipework to exclude moisture and prevent corrosion.

Flange Encapsulation Service
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Repair & Protection with Belzona

BIG offers a wide range of Belzona® repair composites through our sister company Repair Technology. Belzona is used to repair leaks and other damage caused by erosion, corrosion and impact on pipes, vessels, valves, tanks, engines and other equipment.

Our network of local representatives are available 24-hours-a-day, 7-days-a-week to provide the information, expertise and training required to repair, protect and improve your equipment.

Mechanical Equipment Corrosion Repair

Reduce downtime and extend service life by rebuilding worn, damaged and corroded metal components.

Pump Repair & Coating

We rebuild metal loss and repair cracks/holes in pump impellers, volutes or casings. Proven results give long-term service and protection.

Pump Repair & Coating Service

Heat Exchanger Tube Sheet Repair

Stop corrosion, repair metal loss and restore lost efficiency. We fix tube sheets, end caps, and water boxes to extend service life for many years.

Tube Sheet Repair Service

Cooling Tower Leak Repair

Fix cooling tower basin leaks, rebuild metal loss and apply coatings to prevent future corrosion. Work is done fast with durable results.

Cooling Tower Leak Repair Service