Exterior HVAC Duct Insulation Service

Improve energy efficiency and reduce power costs, withstands harsh weather

BIG offers exterior HVAC duct insulation service for new construction, retrofit and repair projects. Insulated HVAC ductwork will increase efficiency, reduce energy cost and improve indoor air quality. We are factory authorized installers of premium Techna-Duc®, KoolDuct® and Dual-Tech® HVAC insulation. These reliable systems present significant advantages over conventional sheet metal ductwork. Benefits include:

  • 20 year limited warranty on Techna-Duc® & Dual-Tech®
  • Water-tight, triple-sealed joints
  • Virtually eliminates air quality problems
  • Prevents intrusion of water or water vapors
  • Super lightweight at less than 1 lb per square foot
  • Does not promote growth of mold or mildew
  • Quick installation
  • Extremely durable
  • Year round installation