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Thermal Insulation Service

Industrial Insulation for Tanks, Pipes & Machinery

Improve Energy Efficiency, Control Process Temperatures, Save Power Costs

Banks Industrial Group gives you single-source, comprehensive contracting service for the insulation of bulk storage tanks, vessels, steam systems, chilled water systems, boilers, piping, ducts and more. Our durable, environmentally safe insulation will improve efficiency, reduce energy cost, prevent equipment failure, control condensation and increase employee safety at your facility.

Banks Industrial Group offers:

three storage tanks insulated for energy savings

Storage tank insulation saves energy costs and reduces greenhouse gas emissions.

Large bulk storage tank insulation

Our insulation systems feature weatherproof, no-leak design.

Industrial Insulation Services

BIG is your single-source for above ground storage tank and industrial pipe insulation including new construction, retrofit and repair.

storage tank insulation in new jersey

Storage Tank Insulation

Our vertical-panel sidewall insulation systems provide durable, long-term, weather resistant temperature control and energy cost savings for above ground storage tanks.

storage tank roof insulation

Tank Roof Insulation

We install waterproof, wind-resistant standing seam insulation for fixed storage tank roofs. Our systems can be used stand-alone or combined with sidewall insulation.

industrial pipe insulation

Pipe Insulation

Turnkey insulation service for industrial pipes. Our systems will increase energy efficiency, reduce costs, prevent corrosion and protect against freeze damage.

outdoor hvac duct insulation

HVAC Duct Insulation

BIG offers HVAC insulation service for interior and exterior ducts. Benefits include improved efficiency, energy cost savings, improved air quality and reduced operating noise.

Insulation Blankets

Great for equipment that requires easy access for periodic maintenance and inspections. Learn more about industrial insulation blankets

Inspection Ports

See what’s happening under your insulation system. Learn more about insulation inspection ports

Related Maintenance & Safety Items

In keeping with our single-source, problem solving philosophy, you may find these items helpful at your facility.

holed tank repair with cold plate bonding

Storage Tank Repairs

Fast repair of tank shell corrosion, leaks, deteriorated weld seams and settlement damage.

tank base sealing before and after

Tank Base Sealing

We replace failed tank chime seals to stop water intrusion and protect tank bottoms.

corrosion under insulation tank repair

CUI Repairs

Rapidly restore pitted, thin-wall metal surfaces and protect against future corrosion.

composite pipe wrap corrosion repair in process

Pipe Wrap Repairs

ASME, DOT, ISO compliant solutions to restore structural integrity, repair leaks and prevent corrosion.

secondary spill containment area coating

Containment Area Coating

Protect against chemical spills to safeguard the environment and extend asset service life.

protective coating for storage tank exterior

External Tank Coatings

Protect storage tanks, vessels and pipes against erosion, corrosion and chemical attack.

protective lining for storage tank interior

Internal Tank Linings

Specialized linings to protect tanks and vessels operating under harsh immersion conditions.

ErectaStep pipe crossover stairs

Crossover Stairs & Ladders

ASME, DOT, ISO compliant solutions to restore structural integrity, repair leaks and prevent corrosion.

Helpful Insulation Blog Posts

We are committed to sharing knowledge and information for the betterment of industry and environment. These blog posts will help in understanding how insulation can benefit your operation.