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process vessel lining and internal tank coatings

Internal Tank Coatings & Vessel Linings

Erosion, corrosion and chemical protection of tanks and vessels operating under immersion conditions

Banks Industrial Group provides application and repair of protective coatings to the internal surfaces of storage tanks and process vessels operating under continuous immersion. We use a variety of Belzona polymeric coatings to shield against corrosion and chemical attack, as well as withstand vast pressure and temperature fluctuations. We carefully select coatings to match your exact requirements. Benefits include:

  • Increase asset service life and avoid replacement costs
  • Excellent chemical resistance against a wide range of chemicals such as sea water, salt, alkalis, alcohols and crude oil
  • Specialized coatings available for long-term corrosion protection at elevated pressures and temperatures (up to 284°F)
  • Formulations suitable for potable water contact
  • Easy application by brush or spray for large surface areas
  • Rapid curing at room temperature for minimal downtime – no hot work involved
  • Solvent-free materials reduced health and safety risks in confined spaces

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