Heat Exchanger Repair & HVAC Chiller Tube Sheet Repair

Save money by rebuilding run-down tube sheets and end caps, extend service life with protective coatings

Banks Industrial Group offers speedy repair service for HVAC chiller and heat exchanger components that have been damaged by corrosion and erosion. We can also apply protective coatings to new or refurbished components in order to prolong their service life. Benefits include:

  • Rapid equipment repair minimizes downtime and lost productivity
  • Extend asset service life with long-term corrosion protection
  • Repairs are durable and provide long service life
  • Rebuild saves money compared to replacement cost
  • Restore lost efficiency and improve reliability
  • Protective coatings eliminate galvanic corrosion
  • High-temp and chemical resistant formulations are available
  • Cold curing – no hot work required
  • No VOC materials are safe and solvent free