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Heat Exchanger Tube Sheet Repair

Heat Exchanger & HVAC Chiller Tube Sheet Repair

Save money by rebuilding run-down tube sheets and end caps, extend service life with protective coatings

Banks Industrial Group offers speedy repair service for HVAC chiller and heat exchanger components that have been damaged by corrosion and erosion. We can also apply protective coatings to new or refurbished components in order to prolong their service life. Benefits include:

  • Rapid equipment repair minimizes downtime and lost productivity
  • Extend asset service life with long-term corrosion protection
  • Repairs are durable and provide long service life
  • Rebuild saves money compared to replacement cost
  • Restore lost efficiency and improve reliability
  • Protective coatings eliminate galvanic corrosion
  • High-temp and chemical resistant formulations are available
  • Cold curing – no hot work required
  • No VOC materials are safe and solvent free

Need Chiller Repair or Heat Exchanger Repair?

Problem: Corrosion of tube sheets, end caps, water boxes, etc. decrease efficiency and increase risk of breakdown

HVAC systems suffer from corrosion, erosion and microbial growth which cause decreased efficiency, increased operating cost and reduced reliability. Neglected maintenance can lead to an expensive breakdown with substantial downtime, causing loss of productivity for an industrial process, or loss of revenue for a business without comfort cooling.

Solution: Belzona can restore and protect damaged heat exchanger components to prolong service life

We use Belzona metal repair polymers to give you the ability to quickly and easily repair and protect damaged chiller, heat exchanger and boiler components. Application is fast – typically a two day process. Furthermore, these repairs show high return on investment when compared to lost efficiency and productivity, or high-priced replacement machinery. These durable repairs can protect your tube sheets, end caps and water boxes for many years to come.

If you see the effects of corrosion during an inspection, please don’t ignore it – call us!

See our post Why Protective Coatings Fail to get insight on the proper planning, preparation and application of a protective coating.

General HVAC Repair Services

Additionally, Banks Industrial Group offers repair of other HVAC components including:

  • Leaking cooling tower pan repair and protective coating
  • Damaged fan blade rebuild and protective coating
  • Worn fan shaft and bearing rebuild
  • Seam sealing and corrosion repair of leaky HVAC ducts
  • Interior/exterior HVAC duct insulation service

How Can We Help You?

Please contact us today for more information or to schedule service. We can perform the application, or train your staff to do it.

View our Building Maintenance infographic
Example of corroded tube sheet is rebuilt with epoxy metal repair and protective coated to prevent future corrosion

Heat exchanger tube sheets can be quickly rebuilt using Belzona metal repair.

Before and after comparison of damaged chiller end cap rebuilt with Belzona epoxy metal repair compound and protective coated

This heavily corroded end cap was easily restored for added service life.

Belzona water box repair before and after comparison

Water box repaired and protected with Belzona polymeric materials.

Watch Video

This video highlights the ease of Belzona HVAC chiller repair and protection systems.