Cooling Tower Leak Repair

Extend Service Life, Protect Against Corrosion, Seal Leaks

Banks Industrial Group provides expert cooling tower leak repair and basin protective coating services. We extend the life of equipment damaged by corrosion and protect it against future attack. We fix deteriorated basins, pans, sumps, leaking seams, corroded pipes, worn fan shafts and damaged fan blades. Benefits include:

  • Reduce downtime with rapid repair of corroded metal basins and components
  • Seal active leaks to protect structures and reduce water and chemical expense
  • Repairs are a fraction of the cost of replacement components
  • Protect against erosion / corrosion and chemical attack with specialized epoxy coatings
  • Extend the service life of your cooling tower – repair rather than replace
  • Restore lost operating efficiency and decrease energy consumption
  • Save time and money on future cleaning and preventive maintenance
  • We also repair and coat concrete basins