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warehouse safety bollards in loading dock area

Bolt Down Bollards

Protect corners, structures and equipment from impact damage

Banks Industrial Group provides factory authorized sales and installation of A-SAFE iFlex bolt down bollards for warehouse and industrial applications. Unlike conventional systems, A-SAFE bollards flex and reform repeatedly after impacts, saving money and time in bollard and vehicle repairs.

  • Proven – Scientifically engineered and tested for safety
  • Absorbs 80% of impact
  • Flexible design – bollards absorb impacts and return to shape for continued protection
  • Prevent impact damage to machinery, columns and building structures
  • Guard corners, sharp turns, doors and vulnerable access points from collision damage
  • Stop vehicles while allowing pedestrian access
  • Guide drivers and pedestrians with high visibility yellow bollards along traffic routes
  • Save on repairs – impact energy is dissipated reducing damage to the bollards, floor and forklift
  • Save on maintenance – self-colored, UV stabilized polymer for long life with no repainting
  • Energy absorbent foam creates a cushion between bollard internal and external surface
  • Cold storage bollards withstand impacts without cracking in sub-zero environments down to -22°F
  • Expert consultation to determine a solution suitable for the vehicles at your facility
  • Fast, safe installation with minimal disruption by our factory certified crews

Need Bollards?

Start by requesting an estimate or consultation.

bollards for machinery protection

Bollards protect machinery and guide traffic while allowing easy worker access.

Prevent Damage

Shield your facility from damage with A-SAFE iFlex bolt down bollards for impact protection around utilities, machinery, building corners and loading dock doors.

Protect Structures

Heavy duty protection for the structural integrity of columns, fire exits and access points in your warehouse or industrial facility.

Visual Guidance

Improve safety with high visibility yellow bollards to define access routes and guide drivers and pedestrians around critical structures.

Machinery Protection

Protect vulnerable machinery and equipment with bollards that flex to absorb and dissipate impact forces from forklifts. Save money and avoid downtime because bollards, vehicles and floors do not need replacement or repair.

How Can We Help You?

BIG provides single-source service for sales and installation of A-SAFE surface mounted bollards. We are safety oriented, ISNetworld certified A+ and fully insured to reduce your risk. If desired, we can also train your staff to perform the installation. Please contact us today for more information or to schedule service.

Bolt Down Bollard Options

yellow bolt down bollards

Industrial Bollards
Impact Rated for 9,400lb. @ 4mph

industrial bollards with collar

Industrial Bollards with Wear Collar
Impact Rated for 9,400lb. @ 4mph

heavy duty bollards

Heavy Duty Bollards
Impact Rated for 22,000lb. @ 3mph

cold storage bollards

Cold Storage Bollards
Impact Rated for 9,400lb. @ 4mph

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