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OSHA compliant portable stairs at office trailer and semi trailer

Portable Stairs

OSHA & IBC Compliant Configurations, Steel or Aluminum Construction

Banks Industrial Group provides a painless solution for temporary metal stair installation. Our prefabricated portable stairs are designed to be fully compliant with OSHA and IBC standards and regulations. We offer a variety of models shown below. Our representatives can help you determine which configuration will best meet your requirement. Benefits include:

  • Fast, bolt together assembly and modular design allow easy reconfiguration
  • Heavy-duty aluminum or powder coated & galvanized steel models are available
  • Non-slip decking and steps keep employees and pedestrians safe from slips and falls
  • Height adjustable models for easy leveling on uneven surfaces
  • Suitable for interior or exterior use
  • Use for modular office trailers, job site work trailers, temporary classrooms, temporary housing, semi-trailers, construction and industrial sites
  • Install yourself, or have us do the installation

Need Portable Stairs?

Mobile Office Trailer Stairs

OSHA compliant aluminum stairs ideal for office trailers that are regularly moved.

portable stairs at office trailer entrance

Upside Innovations portable office trailer stairs are easily moved to different locations and adjustable to suit terrain and entry height.

Completely adjustable, always OSHA compliant

Our Upside Innovations Omni portable stairs are OSHA compliant and adaptable to different work site terrain. Independently adjustable leg height combined with pivoting riser lets you reach the trailer threshold and level the platform on uneven ground contours. These job trailer steps are robust, yet remain light weight and easy to move which makes them well suited for trailers that are frequently relocated. Omni stairs are pre-fabricated and bolt together for fast assembly. Use for mobile offices, construction trailers, equipment access and work platforms.

Download the Portable Office Trailer Steps PDF.

  • Parallel or perpendicular stair configurations available
  • Four sizes: 21–26" | 28-35" | 35-44" | 42-52"
  • Fully adjustable between two specified heights to match threshold
  • Accommodates uneven ground with independently adjustable legs and pivoting stairs
  • Knurled, non-slip extruded decking for excellent traction
  • Fast assembly in 10 minutes

Loading Dock Steps

Sturdy, OSHA compliant aluminum steps for warehouses and distribution centers.


These prefabricated OSHA compliant loading dock stairs bolt together for fast assembly and are height adjustable.

Industrial-grade aluminum, built to last

Banks Industrial Group supplies OSHA and IBC compliant loading dock stairs to provide safe access in warehouse loading areas. Our stairs are built to last with heavy-duty aluminum construction that will not rust, warp or rot. Both guardrail and handrails with 12" loop and return systems are available. Stairs are pre-fabricated and bolt together for fast installation. They also have 9" of vertical adjustment to facilitate leveling the platform with your dock or adapting to uneven surfaces.

Download the Aluminum Loading Dock Stairs PDF.

  • OSHA and IBC compliant models available
  • Heavy-duty construction gives long service life
  • Aluminum will never rust, warp or rot
  • Non-slip open diamond serrated tread
  • Fast installation takes about an hour, no welding required
  • 9" of vertical adjustability to level platform with loading dock
  • Certified installation service available

OSHA Model Aluminum Steps for Trailers

Safe access for 48" trailers. Easy to move when not in use.


Portable, lightweight and durable

We provide OSHA compliant semi-trailer steps that allow safe, non-slip access for workers. Our Upside Innovation stairs are low maintenance and will not rust which gives them a long life cycle. Aluminum is stronger than plastic and lighter than steel so these steps are durable and easily moved around the job site. 3 models of aluminum trailer steps are available: single top step, double top step and 48" x 57" platform.

Download the Semi-Trailer Steps PDF.

  • Non-slip diamond serrated tread keeps workers safe from slips and falls
  • 4' wide to allow two-way traffic
  • 40" height so the last 8" step up to the trailer
  • Optional 48" height platform model is flush with back of trailer
  • Relocatable – weighs 72-86 lbs. so it can be lifted into the trailer
  • Optional casters are available
drawing of aluminum trailer step configuration

Standard trailer step

drawing of aluminum semi-trailer step with an extension on top step

Trailer step with a double top step

drawing of semi-trailer step with platform level to trailer height

Trailer step with platform

ErectaStep Portable Stairs

OSHA & IBC compliant steps for mobile office trailers. Powder coated and galvanized steel construction.

erectastep osha portable stair at warehouse

OSHA compliant stair installation at a warehouse.

Fast installation, height adjustable

Our ErectaStep portable stairs provide a fast solution for safe workplace access. Use for job trailers, modular office buildings, temporary housing, loading docks and industrial sites. Pre-fabricated, modular components bolt together for fast assembly – no welding is required. Steps can be configured for front, side or both side access. Field adjustable, telescopic legs let the stairs conform with uneven ground and level with the access point height. Slip-resistant platforms keep your employees and pedestrians safe from falls. OSHA or IBC compliant models are available in seven sizes between 28" to 63" heights. In stock and ready to ship.

Watch Video

Ease of assembly demo video

osha compliant portable stairs by erectastep

OSHA Compliant Portable Stairs

ibc compliant portable stairs by erectastep

IBC Compliant Portable Stairs

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