OSHA/IBC Portable Stairs

IBC & OSHA Compliant Configurations

Banks Industrial Group provides a painless solution for temporary metal stair installation. Our portable stairs are designed to be fully compliant with both OSHA or IBC/OSHA standards and regulations. Two different configurations are available: OSHA or IBC and OSHA. Our representatives can help you determine which configuration will best meet your requirement. Benefits include:

  • Fast assembly and modular design allow easy reconfiguration
  • Rugged, powder coated & galvanized steel construction
  • Slip resistant, 4x6' and 4x4' platforms allow steps from either the front, side or two sides
  • Available in 7 heights from 28 to 63-inches
  • Adjustable leg height allows the stairs to adapt to uneven terrain for easy leveling
  • Suitable for interior or exterior use
  • Use for modular office trailers, job site work trailers, temporary classrooms, temporary housing, construction and industrial sites
  • Install yourself, or have us do the installation

Portable Stair Frequently Asked Questions