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Industrial Concrete Repair Work Examples

Industrial Concrete Repair Services

Restore and preserve your infrastructure

Banks Industrial Group provides specialized services for the repair, protection and strengthening of concrete, brick, block and tile surfaces located within harsh industrial environments. We begin each job with an analysis of the problem, operating environment and customer requirements in order to recommend an appropriate repair and/or protection solution that takes all factors into consideration.

Our work crews are safe! We are fully insured, OSHA compliant, ISNetworld Certified A+ and members of the Delaware Valley Safety Council. We pride ourselves on the ability to problem solve and will never provide a solution excessive or ill-suited to your needs.

Repair Services:

  • Refurbish and protective coat concrete tanks, chemical containment areas, manholes, surge chambers, utility vaults and holding vessels
  • Rebuild concrete loading docks, loose railings, aisles, columns, walls
  • Repair and resurface industrial floor areas including: steps, ramps, expansion joints, drains, grates, sumps, channels, and holding areas
  • Restore structural integrity of concrete walls, columns, beams, supports and pipes
  • Grouting, bonding and void filling pumps, equipment bases and structural supports
  • Grout injection sealing of water leaks from concrete seams, cracks and holes


  • Extend asset service life with proven, long-lasting repair materials
  • Minimal downtime – most repairs have rapid return to service within hours
  • Belzona materials have outstanding resistance to acids and chemicals
  • Patches have excellent bond to existing concrete
  • High mechanical strength and impact resistance – greater than concrete

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Concrete Repair Services Overview

Banks Industrial Group provides the following specialized services for industrial, utility, warehouse and facility maintenance.

Containment Area Repair & Coating

We repair damaged concrete containment areas, then coat with Belzona epoxy to prevent chemical attack, deterioration and cracking.

Containment Area Repair & Coating Service

Industrial Grouting

Expert application of grout is available for sealing joints, machinery support and chemical resistant void filling in industrial environments.

Industrial Grouting Service

Grout Injection Leak Sealing

We seal leaking cracks and seams in concrete structures using advanced epoxy and polyurethane crack injection systems.

Concrete Leak Sealing Service

Concrete Tank Repair

We restore deteriorated concrete and apply protective coatings for wastewater treatment, chemical and other industrial tanks.

Concrete Tank Repair Service

Loading Dock Concrete Repair

Fast repair of concrete spall, cracks and holes around dock leveler curb angles, bumpers, pads, pit sidewalls, drain grates and more.

Loading Dock Concrete Repair Service

Vertical & Overhead Concrete Repair

Specialized, rapid repair of concrete for vertical and overhead applications. Most patches are cured and ready for same day service.

Vertical & Overhead Concrete Repair Service

Expansion Joint Repair

Flexible, water-tight elastomeric rebuild of failed concrete and metal expansion joints. Vertical and horizontal joint solutions available.

Expansion Joint Repair Service

Floor Expansion Joint Repair

Smooth Ride repair of floor joints within hospitals, long-term care, pharmaceutical and food / beverage processing facilities.

Hospital Expansion Joint Repair Service

Anti-Slip Coating Services

BIG offers premium Belzona epoxy non-slip coatings, providing long service life and superior anti-slip solutions for rugged industrial conditions.

Anti-Slip Coating Services

Acid Brick & Tile Repair

BIG provides expert repair and replacement of acid bricks and tiles deteriorated from exposure to chemical attack, heat and abrasive wear.

Acid Brick Repair Service

Concrete Strengthening Wraps

Our high-strength, light-weight FRP concrete reinforcement will return structural properties lost due to cracking, spalling and deterioration.

Concrete Strengthening Service

General Concrete Repair

We repair spalled and cracked concrete, trip hazards, and overhead deterioration including sidewalks, stairs, docks, garages and more.

General Concrete Repair Service

Structural Concrete Repair

BIG provides structural concrete repairs for load bearing surfaces, retaining walls, ramps, decks, building structures, spillways and more.

Structural Concrete Repair Service

Brick & Block Repair

BIG provides repointing, replacement and reinforcement/tie back systems to correct damaged and deteriorated brick and block work.

Brick Repair Service

Gunite & Refractory

We apply light to dense range gunite for heat, chemical and abrasion protection of process vessels, boilers and duct work in refineries.

Gunite & Refractory Service