Industrial Concrete Repair Services

Restore and preserve your infrastructure

Banks Industrial Group provides specialized services for the repair, protection and strengthening of concrete, brick, block and tile surfaces located within harsh industrial environments. We begin each job with an analysis of the problem, operating environment and customer requirements in order to recommend an appropriate repair and/or protection solution that takes all factors into consideration.

Our work crews are safe! We are fully insured, OSHA compliant, ISNetworld Certified A+ and members of the Delaware Valley Safety Council.

We pride ourselves on the ability to problem solve and will never provide a solution excessive or ill-suited to your needs. Services we provide include:

  • Repair of spalled and cracked concrete
  • Correct concrete gaps, voids and trip hazards
  • Easily fix vertical and overhead concrete deterioration
  • Resurface chemical containment areas, sumps, drains, holding areas
  • Repair and protection of deteriorated equipment foundations
  • Grouting, void filling and bonding of equipment
  • Restore structural integrity of concrete pipes, columns and beams
  • Seal and repair expansion joints
  • Protect against groundwater infiltration
  • Protective lining of manholes, surge chambers, utility vaults, holding vessels
  • Grout injection sealing of water leaks from concrete seams, cracks and holes
  • Repoint, replace and reinforce run-down brick and block areas
  • Fix damaged acid brick and tile
  • Gunite installation for refractory, slope stabilization and concrete repair
  • Apply intumescent and cementitious fireproofing
  • Install specialized chemical and impact resistant materials
  • Implement fast-cure materials for minimal downtime