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industrial grouting used to repair pump baseplate pads

Industrial Grouting Service

Machinery baseplate grouting, shimming, anchoring and patch repairs

Banks Industrial Group provides specialized grouting service for machinery mounting, vibration cushioning, rebuilding equipment foundations as well as filling voids, gaps, cracks and seams around equipment and concrete structures. Our expert crews use fast curing materials for quick turnaround and minimal downtime.

  • All materials are carefully matched to your exact operating environment
  • Cementitious grouts to suit static load applications, concrete patching and void filling
  • Epoxy grouts to withstand dynamic loads, vibration, impact and chemical attack
  • Novalac and vinyl ester grouts to endure harsh acid or caustic attack
  • Affix pumps, compressors and reciprocal equipment baseplates to foundations
  • Setting of anchor bolts and wedges
  • Shim gaps with fast cure epoxy chocking
  • Rebuild crumbling equipment foundations to absorb impact and vibration – enabling smooth operation
  • Patch concrete cracks and spalling – including vertical and overhead
  • Hydraulic repairs to stop running water or seepage in foundations and walls

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machine base rebuilt with epoxy grout

Industrial fan machine base rebuilt with epoxy grout.

Problem: How do you repair the concrete pad underneath a pump without service interuption?

Eroded and crumbling concrete equipment pads hurt the reliability of your pump. Reciprocating equipment, like pumps, need a solid foundation to dampen vibration and transfer operating stresses into the ground. When baseplate grouting is loose, dynamic forces cannot dissipate and will damage bearings, mechanical seals and couplings. This is true of all pumps, but especially larger horsepower units. The result is higher maintenance cost and increased risk of breakdown.

The obvious answer is to replace damaged concrete and/or grout. But, what do you do if your equipment must remain in service?

Solution: Minimize downtime by restoring your pump base with fast curing epoxy grout

Epoxy grouts are the material of choice to restore damaged concrete equipment pads and replace baseplate grouting. Look for grouts with a fast cure time to enable fast repair. This will get your operation back in service with minimal downtime. In many instances restoration will take hours or days instead of the weeks needed for new concrete to cure. Unlike concrete, epoxy grout creates a strong adhesive bond between concrete, brick and steel – so, repairs will last. Materials with low shrinkage characteristics deliver the best baseplate bond for pumps.

Furthermore, epoxy grouts provide high compressive strength, excellent impact and vibration resistance, and good resistance to chemical and water exposure. This makes them ideal for machine base grouting. Formulations with resistance to strong acids and thermal shock are available for specialized applications. Seek out materials that are safe, VOC free and do not need hot work (or hot work permits). This will further speed the repair process.

Lastly, consult with an expert. Selecting the right material and placement technique is critical to ensure a durable result. All factors of your operating environment should be carefully considered.

Fixing damaged baseplate grouting and concrete will help your pump operate without trouble for a long time. Don't ignore deterioration. Damage will worsen and increase your risk of unplanned shutdown.

How Can We Help You?

Banks Industrial Group provides expert grouting service to rebuild concrete and re-grout industrial equipment pads. Please contact us today for more information or to schedule service.

pump base concrete rebuild

Epoxy grout used to rebuild pump base concrete.

pump base plate chocking

Shim pump baseplate gaps with fast curing, pourable epoxy chocking.

pulverizer baseplate grout repair

Pulverizer baseplate grout restoration.