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Industrial Grouting

Industrial Grouting Work

Machinery mounting, adhesive grouting, anchoring, patch repairs, void and crack filling

Banks Industrial Group provides specialized grouting service for refinery, chemical, power generation, water treatment, food processing and facilities maintenance applications. Our expert crews provide fast turnaround for mounting machinery, vibration cushioning, rebuilding foundation pedestals as well as filling of voids, gaps, cracks and seams around equipment and concrete structures.

  • All materials are carefully matched to your exact operating environment
  • Cement grouts to suit static load applications, concrete patching and void filling
  • Epoxy grouts to withstand dynamic loads, vibration, impact and chemical attack
  • Novalac and vinyl ester grouts to endure harsh acid or caustic attack
  • Affix pumps, compressors and reciprocal equipment base plates to foundations
  • Setting of anchor bolts and wedges
  • Rebuild crumbling equipment foundations to absorb impact and vibration – enabling smooth operation
  • Patch concrete cracks and spalling – including vertical and overhead
  • Hydraulic repairs to stop running water or seepage in foundations and walls

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