Grout Injection Services

Repair concrete cracks, seal active water leaks

Banks Industrial Group provides grout injection services. We stop water leaks from cracks and joints in concrete structures. Crack injection is cost-effective and durable. It will extend the service life of concrete structures. We offer expert installation of polyurethane and epoxy systems. Our staff can help to determine which system is the best choice for your specific structure. Applications include: basements, elevator pits, parking garages, manholes, pipes, pump stations, water tanks, utility vaults and containment areas.


  • Active leak repair using hydrophilic polyurethane crack injection
  • Fix damage caused by concrete shrinkage, settlement and freeze/thaw movement
  • Manhole leak sealing and curtain wall grouting to prevent infiltration and inflow
  • Soil stabilization for concrete structures using hydrophobic polyurethane grout injection
  • Epoxy crack injection to repair structural cracks and wide cracks
  • Expert consultation to match the best repair method to crack characteristics


  • Save money – Extend the service life of concrete structures
  • No excavation required which reduces repair cost
  • Easy to perform in confined spaces
  • Injection pressure forces sealant throughout crack where it completely fills voids and gaps
  • Effective, long-lasting results