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Brick Wall Repair

General Brick Wall Repairs

Expert Repair of Brick Wall Deterioration and Defects

Banks Industrial Group offers specialized diagnosis and repair of deteriorated and damaged brick walls located within industrial facilities. Brickwork in these harsh environments is subject to increased wear caused by weathering, freeze/thaw cycles, chemical attack, vibration and impact damage. Left unchecked, spalling and cracks become worse over time and result in potential structural failure. Our services include:

  • Repair brick spalling caused by water and frost
  • Reset loose or missing brickwork
  • Repointing of deteriorated mortar washed out by water
  • Stair-step crack repair
  • Fix lintel damage above windows or doors from improper caulking or sealing
  • Correct thermal expansion cracking in walls without adequate expansion joints
  • Mend brickwork damaged by excessive sand-blasting
  • Correct dangerous bulging brick above-ground walls
  • Remedy cracks and bulges caused by frost and earth loading in foundation walls
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Watch a brick restoration demo video.

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