Loading Dock Concrete Repair

Restore deteriorated concrete around dock levelers, dock bumpers, pit sidewalls and drain grates

Banks Industrial Group provides specialized service for loading dock concrete repair. We fix spalled, cracked and crumbling concrete around dock levelers, bumpers, pit sidewalls and drain grates. Our Belzona solutions return your dock to service much faster than conventional concrete demolition and replacement. Belzona epoxies will cure in hours, not weeks, and are stronger than concrete for outstanding impact resistance. Benefits include:

  • Minimize repair downtime – Cures in a few hours, not weeks - restore operations quickly
  • Save money – Extend the service life and avoid demolition and construction
  • Improve safety by reducing forklift operator strain and spilled loads
  • Durable epoxy aggregate mix is stronger than concrete
  • Compressive strength of 9,000 -15,000 psi gives outstanding impact resistance
  • Excellent adhesion to existing concrete
  • No reinforcement required for repair work
  • No minimum thickness – Zero level feathering is perfectly even with floor surface