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dock leveler anti-slip coating example application

Anti-Slip Coating Solves Problem of Slippery Dock Levelers

Warehouse loading dock

Pain Point:
Slippery diamond plate dock levelers create a safety hazard for pedestrian and forklift traffic, especially during inclement weather.

Warehouse’s Challenge:
Conventional anti-slip paints and tapes applied to solve this problem would wear off within a few months due to forklift and pallet jack traffic scraping against the dock leveler plates.  

The Challenge’s Impact On Day-to-Day Warehouse Work:
Frequent reapplication and maintenance of grip systems drove costs and eroded efficiency. Slippery conditions created a constant safety hazard. 

BIG Solution: Belzona Epoxy Grip Aggregate & High Wear Urethane Top Coat

Addressing this critical safety concern with urgency, Banks Industrial Group (BIG) effectively mitigated the risk by implementing a high-performance anti-slip solution. BIG applied a Belzona epoxy-based non-slip aggregate, accompanied by a high wear urethane top coat for enhanced UV resistance.

This anti-slip coating solution offered an outstanding grip, ensured a significant reduction in slip and fall incidents, and demonstrated remarkable resilience against impact and abrasion. Unlike traditional adhesive strips that are susceptible to peeling and wear, this exceptional epoxy-based coating showcased a prolonged service life without the need for frequent replacements or maintenance.

One of the advantages of this specialized epoxy coating was its rapid application and curing process. The expedited epoxy coating application ensured that the loading dock was fully operational within 48 hours, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity. This swift and effective solution prioritized employee safety and optimized operational efficiency.
slippery when wet dock leveler diamond plate

1. The once reliable non-slip coating on this dock leveler has deteriorated prematurely, resulting in a dangerously slippery surface when wet.

dock leveler anti-slip coating prep work in process

2. Surface preparation involves using shot blasting techniques to remove the previous coating and applying a high-quality primer.

dock leveler anti-slip coating aggregate closeup detail

3. Applying the powerful combination of Belzona 4911 epoxy and grip aggregate for maximum effectiveness.

dock leveler anti-slip urethane top coat application in process

4. Our high-performance urethane top coat is specially formulated to resist the damaging effects of UV rays.

dock leveler 18 month anti-slip coating usage follow up photo

After 18 Months

After 18 months of continuous service, we present the same dock, showcasing its impressive durability. Our esteemed client shared their satisfaction, stating, “This loading bay sees 12-15 trucks per day and is loaded and unloaded with pallet jacks that consistently scrape the ground. This safety coating is holding up better than anything we’ve ever used.”

Dock Leveler Coating Video

Watch this short video to see how epoxy aggregate solves the problem of slippery loading dock levelers in less than 48 hours.

Watch Video

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