External Tank Coatings

External protection of storage tanks, vessels and pipes against erosion, corrosion and chemical attack

Banks Industrial Group provides application of protective tank coatings. We use a range of specialized Belzona coatings formulated for tough industrial environments that we match to your specific needs. Our coatings protect long-term against weathering, acid rain, chemical attack, erosion and corrosion. Benefits include:

  • Extend asset service life by protecting against corrosion and chemical attack
  • Safe, fast-curing and solvent-free materials – no hot work required
  • In-situ external coating process avoids production downtime
  • Fast spray application over large surface areas
  • Ceramic cladding formulations are tough, yet highly decorative and easy to clean
  • High-temperature formulations allow in-situ application to hot surfaces
  • Liquid anode formulations prevent cathodic corrosion in harsh marine and industrial environments
  • Static dissipative formulations transfer surface build-up of electrostatic charge away from hazardous areas such as hydrocarbon tanks and grain silos