Belzona Tank Base Sealing

We replace failed tank chime seals to stop water intrusion and protect tank bottoms against crevice corrosion

Banks Industrial Group provides installation of polymeric tank chime sealing systems to close gaps and protect tank bottoms against damaging corrosion. We also take care of deteriorated concrete bases and tank chime fillets that may also permit water to seep beneath the base. Our Seal-A-Tank system is proven to outlast conventional sealants and offers many benefits such as:

  • Prolong tank base service life by preventing water infiltration at the tank chime
  • Reduce risk of expensive tank bottom demolition and replacement
  • Increase tank reliability and productivity by avoiding costly downtime
  • Outlasts conventional sealants by many years which simplifies maintenance
  • Flexibility and strong bonding characteristics accommodate expansion and contraction movements of tank without breaking the seal
  • Breathable, microporous barrier allows release of moisture trapped below the base while keeping out external rain water
  • Chemical and heat resistance gives long-term performance in harsh environments
  • Offers safe, rapid installation that does not require a hot work permit
  • Supports easy repairability should the need ever arise
  • Reveal chemical or hydrocarbon leaks to inspection teams by staining a dark color
  • Shown to prevent a tank from floating off its foundation during flood conditions (since water cannot enter under tank)
  • Gives durable, long-term corrosion protection for peace of mind
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