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Examples of storage tank insulation systems

Download Best Practices for Selecting Materials for Insulation of Above Ground Storage Tanks

Gain a better understanding of tank insulation materials, systems and applications. Learn the pros and cons of each to avoid potential pitfalls

Owners of large above ground storage tanks can choose from multiple options when selecting an insulation system for their tanks. These options vary by the area of the tank to be insulated, operating temperature, required insulative properties and the installation services available.

Our best practices guide will help you better understand the methods needed to evaluate these options for the most typical applications (primarily for heated products).

We examine the material choices owners must make when selecting an insulation system by asking these five questions:

  1. What type of system do I want to insulate my storage tank?
  2. What temperature does my stored product require?
  3. How much R-value do I need?
  4. How should I choose insulation materials for the sidewalls of a bulk storage tank?
  5. How should I choose insulation materials for the roof of a bulk storage tank?

The end result should help the reader understand the process to reach the desired goal – to keep the product operationally viable while minimizing energy costs to do so.

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