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Pump Coatings

Pump Repair & Protective Coating Service

Extend service life, save money by restoring damaged components and improving efficiency

Banks Industrial Group provides pump restoration and protective coating services. We repair deteriorated pumps and apply specialized coatings to prevent future problems. This reduces downtime, improves efficiency and extends service life – which saves you money. Rebuild of casings, impellers, volutes, vanes, cutwaters, ring seats, bushings, etc. is possible. Proven results give long-term service and reliable protection against future wear. Benefits include:

  • Extend service life by rebuilding run-down equipment
  • Prevent future deterioration with a coating matched to the operating conditions
  • Reduce future maintenance needs
  • Improve energy efficiency
  • Give your pump superior erosion and corrosion resistance
  • Safeguard against extreme cavitation with long-lasting sacrificial barrier coating
  • Shield components from heavy abrasive wear
  • Protect against aggressive acids and alkalis
  • Rapid application and fast curing for minimal downtime
  • Safe, VOC free and cold-curing – no hot work required
  • Proven long-lasting, durable protection

Need Pump Repair/Coating?

Problem: How can I repair pump erosion and corrosion damage?

Pumps endure constant wear as they move fluids, slurries and gases from one place to another. Performance and reliability decrease after years in service (sometimes months under extreme conditions). Erosion and corrosion cause pitting and rough surfaces which increase friction and turbulence. This hurts efficiency and decreases reliability of the pump. The consequences include:

  • Substandard performance
  • Excessive operating costs
  • Unexpected outage
  • Shortened service life
  • Increased maintenance expenses

Replacement of the pump or damaged components has been a traditional solution. Yet, this does not address the underlying cause of the problem which will repeat itself. Plus, parts and downtime waiting for them are costly. It is important to consider a comprehensive solution that will address the source.

Solution: Rebuild metal loss and apply a protective polymer coating

Use a polymeric metal rebuild compound to restore worn pumps to their original profile. These compounds allow rapid repair at a fraction of equipment replacement cost. Polymeric metal repair compounds are extremely durable and will add many years of service life to your pump. Repairs include:

  • Repair erosion, corrosion pitting and cavitation damage
  • Restore metal loss on impellers, casings, volutes, cutwaters, flow straighteners, diffuser vanes, rotor vane
  • Reform worn wear ring seats, bushings and bearings
  • Repair holed or cracked pump casings

Often, application of a protective coating occurs after a metal rebuild repair. This will extend pump service life by preventing the damage from happening again.

Understanding the cause of pump damage and deterioration will allow selection of a specialized coating to protect from future loss. An appropriate coating will isolate the pump surface from contact with its environment. This creates a barrier against the effects of erosion, corrosion, cavitation, abrasion and chemical attack – shielding the pump from harm and extending its service life. Efficiency is improved and maintenance requirements are reduced for operational cost savings. Polymeric coating durability is well documented with many applications lasting years and decades. Protective options include:

  • Erosion and corrosion resistance
  • Polyurethane elastomers to hold off cavitation in localized areas of high pressure
  • Long-lasting sacrificial protective linings to guard against extreme abrasion and impact damage
  • Chemical resistant coatings to withstand aggressive acid and alkali attack
  • Pump efficiency improvement hydrophobic coatings

How Can We Help You?

BIG evaluates and solves pump erosion and corrosion problems. We match repair and coating with operating conditions to best prevent damage recurrence. We also apply specialized pump efficiency coatings. Please contact us today for more information or to schedule service.

Watch Video

See how Belzona is used to rebuild damaged pump impellers.

Pump Metal Loss Rebuild

Rebuild areas of severe metal loss using polymeric repair materials for a fraction of pump replacement cost.

Pump Cavitation Protective Coating

Protect areas where cavitation is likely to occur with durable elastomeric coating.

Chemical Resistant Protective Coating For Pump

Specialized protective coatings stand up against aggressive chemical exposure.