Pump Repair & Protective Coating Service

Extend service life, save money by restoring damaged components and improving efficiency

Banks Industrial Group provides pump restoration and protective coating services. We repair deteriorated pumps and apply specialized coatings to prevent future problems. This reduces downtime, improves efficiency and extends service life – which saves you money. Rebuild of casings, impellers, volutes, vanes, cutwaters, ring seats, bushings, etc. is possible. Proven results give long-term service and reliable protection against future wear. Benefits include:

  • Extend service life by rebuilding run-down equipment
  • Prevent future deterioration with a coating matched to the operating conditions
  • Reduce future maintenance needs
  • Improve energy efficiency
  • Give your pump superior erosion and corrosion resistance
  • Safeguard against extreme cavitation with long-lasting sacrificial barrier coating
  • Shield components from heavy abrasive wear
  • Protect against aggressive acids and alkalis
  • Rapid application and fast curing for minimal downtime
  • Safe, VOC free and cold-curing – no hot work required
  • Proven long-lasting, durable protection