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Pump Efficiency Improvement Coatings

Improve Pump Efficiency

Reduce friction and turbulence, decrease energy use, extend service life

Save money by increasing the efficiency of your pump with a hydrophobic coating from BIG. Boost the efficiency of a new pump system up to 10% beyond specification. Restore lost efficiency in older, worn pumps by as much as 20%. In turn, you will enjoy significant energy cost savings over the life of your pump. Our coatings also shield your pump from erosion, corrosion, cavitation and chemical attack. This further reduces maintenance expense and extends the service life of your pump. Benefits include:

  • Reduce operating costs through improved efficiency
  • Increase performance efficiency up to 10% for new pumps, up to 20% for pumps already in service
  • Hydrophobic coating repels water – reduces frictional drag without changing equipment flow characteristics
  • Extend the service life of your pump – coating costs less than replacement of pump
  • Reduce future maintenance needs – protect against erosion, corrosion, cavitation and chemical attack
  • Coating technology is suitable for use on pipes and valves
  • Suitable for contact with potable water
  • Safe to use, cold-curing, no solvents or VOCs
  • Long-lasting, durable protection

Need Containment Coating Work?

Problem: How to restore lost pump efficiency?

Pumps operate under the constant friction of moving fluids and slurries. Over time, this wear hurts performance due to the effects of erosion, corrosion, cavitation and abrasion. These problems decrease efficiency and use more energy to overcome friction and turbulence. This leads to higher operating costs, increased maintenance and greater risk of equipment failure.

Minimizing performance deterioration is an important consideration. Fortunately, there is a cost effective solution to overcome this challenge.

Solution: Low-friction, hydrophobic protective coating for pumps

Hydrophobic protective coatings create a high gloss barrier that repels liquids. Smooth pump surfaces reduce friction and turbulence which, in turn, decrease the energy required for pumping. As an added benefit, the coating provides a protective barrier to isolate the metal surface of the pump from fluids. This will prevent future deterioration and extend the pump's service life. Hydrophobic coating application is suitable for both new and veteran pumps. Pump metal that has been worn or damaged is rebuilt before coating application.

Energy cost represents the largest part of a pump's lifetime cost. Improvement in efficiency represents a significant cost reduction. Application of a hydrophobic coating is inexpensive and fast. The coating will soon pay for itself then begin to save your operation money.

How Can We Help You?

BIG provides consultation and coating application service. We also rebuild worn impellers, volutes, shafts and pedestals. Have us apply the coating or we can train and supervise your staff to do it. Please contact us today for more information or to schedule service.

Watch Video

See how rebuilding corroded pumps improves efficiency.

Pump efficiency coating

Hydrophobic coating applied to pump components.

Restore lost pump efficiency

Rebuild and coat worn pumps to restore lost efficiency.