Soil-to-air Interface Pipe Corrosion Repair & Prevention

Maintain safe pipeline operation, prevent soil line corrosion, repair thin-wall damage with minimum downtime

Banks Industrial Group provides specialized repair and prevention of pipe corrosion at the soil-to-air interface. Pipe restoration is done in-situ with minimum downtime which allows you to easily prolong infrastructure service life. Our repair compounds provide long-term corrosion protection with excellent resistance to moisture, oil and chemical attack. Benefits include:

  • Restore lost structural integrity to pipes suffering thin-wall or holed conditions
  • Quickly make repairs with minimum or no downtime
  • Avoid dangerous welding with fast-curing, solvent-free polymeric materials
  • Shield pipes from corrosive conditions at the soil-to-air interface
  • Protect pipes against constant exposure to moisture and submerged conditions
  • Materials withstand exposure to chemicals, crude oil and sea salt
  • Wrap systems are compliant to ASME PCC-2, DOT and ISO24817
  • Suitable for safety critical pressurized applications
  • Accommodate pipe contours including bends, tees, reducers and flanges