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Soil-to-air Interface Pipe Corrosion Repair and Prevention

Soil-to-air Interface Pipe Corrosion Repair & Prevention

Maintain safe pipeline operation, prevent soil line corrosion, repair thin-wall damage with minimum downtime

Banks Industrial Group provides specialized repair and prevention of pipe corrosion at the soil-to-air interface. Pipe restoration is done in-situ with minimum downtime which allows you to easily prolong infrastructure service life. Our repair compounds provide long-term corrosion protection with excellent resistance to moisture, oil and chemical attack. Benefits include:

  • Restore lost structural integrity to pipes suffering thin-wall or holed conditions
  • Quickly make repairs with minimum or no downtime
  • Avoid dangerous welding with fast-curing, solvent-free polymeric materials
  • Shield pipes from corrosive conditions at the soil-to-air interface
  • Protect pipes against constant exposure to moisture and submerged conditions
  • Materials withstand exposure to chemicals, crude oil and sea salt
  • Wrap systems are compliant to ASME PCC-2, DOT and ISO24817
  • Suitable for safety critical pressurized applications
  • Accommodate pipe contours including bends, tees, reducers and flanges

Need Soil Line Pipe Corrosion Repairs?

Problem: How to fix pipe corrosion at the soil-to-air interface without shutdown

The soil-to-air interface where pipelines transition from above to below ground is more susceptible to corrosion than either buried or raised sections. High moisture content, temperature variation, oxygen, pH, bacteria and chemical contamination all accelerate soil line corrosion in this transition area.

Eventually, pipes weaken and deteriorate into thin-wall conditions. This wall loss increases the risk of leaks, safety hazards, contamination and downtime. Unfortunately, traditional welded repairs also require a lengthy shutdown and service outage. In either case, the lost productivity and inconvenience are highly undesirable.

Solution: Refurbish corroded pipe in-situ with cold-curing polymeric repair compounds

Polymeric repair compounds allow you to restore damaged pipe rather than replace it. Restoration offers significant savings in time and material by prolonging the service life of existing infrastructure and avoiding the lengthy process of welded pipe replacement.

Banks Industrial Group utilizes a combination of polymeric repair compounds with proven strength and durability in harsh industrial environments. Repairs can be done quickly and without hot work for in-situ application with minimal or no downtime.

We restore pipes using Belzona repair compounds to repair through-wall corrosion damage and rebuild thin-wall conditions and Belzona SuperWrap II to restore lost structural integrity. We then seal the soil line area with ST Barrier to protect pipe against corrosive soil conditions. ST Barrier is a moisture tolerant epoxy coating that resists oil and chemical contamination – making it ideal for oil and gas applications.

How Can We Help You?

Please contact us today for more information or to schedule service. We can provide the materials and work crews to repair your soil line corrosion, or we can train your crew how to do it themselves.

Soil Line Pipe Corrosion Prevention System

Repair damaged pipes in-situ without welding.

Soil-to-air interface corrosion protection

Restore lost structural integrity and shield against soil line corrosion.

Soil Line Corrosion Repair

Long-term corrosion protection keeps your plant profitable and productive.