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Pipe Flange Encapsulation

Pipe Support Repair–Eliminates Corrosion Problems

Fast, safe and durable solutions for the repair and protection of pipes and pipe supports

Banks Industrial Group offers solutions to make pipe support repairs due to corrosion and wear. We use Belzona metal repair composites, combined with simple application techniques, to rapidly bond wear plates at the pipe support location without the use of hot work. Our solutions will help you:

  • Prevent new pipe support problems or cure older pipe support problems
  • Protect new construction pipes or retrofit old pipes
  • Protect pipes against wear from thermal movements and vibration
  • Prevent pipe support corrosion
  • Enact repairs quickly without the use of hot work
  • Repair pipe supports, regardless of size

Need Pipe Support Repair?

Problem: Pipe Support Corrosion and Wear Increase Risk of Piping Failure, Shutdown and Environmental Damage

Corrosion and wear in the area of pipe supports rank as a leading cause of process piping failure. Rust will often penetrate crevices or gaps between the pipe and support base. Water and atmospheric contaminants collect in these areas where they eat away the pipe coating and eventually the pipe itself. In other instances, galvanic corrosion will form as a result of bi-metallic contact between dissimilar metals. Thermal expansion movements and operational vibrations also cause pipe wear. If left undetected and untreated, corrosion and wear will progress into a thin-wall condition and increase your risk of piping failure.

Solution: Polymeric Pipe Support Repair Strengthens Worn Areas and Mitigates Risk from Corrosion

Banks Industrial Group uses Belzona construction polymers to repair, strengthen and improve pipe support areas. We use cold bonding techniques to attach metal wear pads which then serve as a gasket to isolate the pipe from its base. Our cold bonding method will seal gaps to exclude moisture penetration. Furthermore, it will cure rapidly and can be applied in-situ without using hot work. Additionally, BIG polymeric materials form a buffer to separate bi-metallic contact and prevent galvanic corrosion.

In situations where existing pipe exhibits damage to the point of a thin-wall or holed condition, BIG uses ISO/ASME compliant Belzona SuperWrap II pipe wrap for the rapid rebuild and restoration of damaged areas.

We also repair damaged concrete bases with Belzona Magma Screed and Magma CR polymers. These products are remarkably durable and will resist impacts, vibration, and chemical exposure. Application and cure time run markedly faster than conventional concrete. As a result, repairs are completed in days, not weeks!

How Can We Help You?

BIG provides single-source service for the repair and protection of pipe support areas. Please contact us today for more information or to schedule service for your pipe support repair needs.

Pipe support repair using shoe plate

Pipe shoe plate protects pipe against wear and corrosion from expansion movement.

Cold bonding is used for pipe support repair

Cold bonding isolates replacement pipe saddles from pipe surface to prevent galvanic corrosion.

Vessel support repair

We also perform vessel support repair.