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PerfectaStep Customized Crossover Stairs, Ladders & Platforms

If you have special fall protection or work access requirements, we can customize ErectaStep crossover stairs, industrial ladders and work platform products to fit your exact requirements. The ErectaStep modular system adapts well to most requirements, some applications require small modifcations for optimal safety and productivity. BIG can accommodate your special needs much faster, and at a fraction of the cost of a custom fabricated or custom engineered solution. 

PerfectaStep gives you the same bolt-together ease of the ErectaStep system along with rapid configuration and outstanding safety features for your specific environment.

Customized Crossover Stair Platform

We Can Configure in Minutes!

Watch our demonstration of the rapid design system used for configuration of ErectaStep safety crossovers.

Watch Video

Safe Solutions Crossover Case Study

This case study shows the rapid design and installation of a complex crossover system in a working fulfillment center. Click or tap to view the PDF.

Fulfillment Center Crossover Case Study