Flat Roof Coatings & Roof Leak Repairs

Long-lasting waterproof coatings and sealants for flat roofs, skylights, glazing, flashing, seams and roof protrusions

Banks Industrial Group offers flat roof leak repairs and waterproof coatings for industrial buildings that have complex roof shapes with pipes, vents and other protrusions. We use Belzona liquid applied polymeric roof coatings and sealant materials for their ease of application and long-term durability. Benefits include:

  • Total waterproof encapsulation – no seams or joints that can leak
  • Seal gaps around roof protrusions and flashing
  • Quickly repair glazing and skylight water leaks
  • Highly elastic, adapts to roof movements
  • Bonds strongly to most substrates including dissimilar materials
  • Microporous, allows substrate to breathe while sealing out water
  • Emergency repair formulation cures in cold weather and underwater
  • Safe – no hot work required, no harmful VOCs or smells
  • Effective, long-term roof leak repair and protection for 20+ years