Belzona Repair Kits

Pre-packaged with all required materials to make an emergency repair

The Emergency Pipe Repair Kit, Rapid Rubber Repair Kit, and Versatile Composite Repair Kit provide you with all the necessary equipment to significantly reduce costly downtime and production loss. Eliminate health and safety risks associated with traditional cut and hot weld work by using Belzona's simple-to-use, cold-applied metal and rubber repair composites. 

Banks Industrial Group provides copy here that describes Belzona repair kits. Benefits include:

  • Seal Leaking Pipes
  • Restore Failing Expansion Joints
  • Repair Rubber Coatings on Floating Hoses
  • Minimize Downtime with Fast-Curing Composites
  • Patch and Return Torn Conveyor Belts To Service Quickly
  • Provide Resistance to Abrasion, Weathering, and a Wide Range of Chemicals