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Thinking BIG!: Belzona

belzona used for metal repair

What is the cost to repair steel containers?

Repair steel boxes and save them from a near-death experience Here at BIG, customers ask us to repair steel, concrete and rubber components in all sorts of conditions prior to the..

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belzona kort nozzle repair

Top 5 Ways to Save Money With Belzona Applications

Spending Money to Save Money Using Belzona The cost to repair plant equipment comes in many forms. Lost operations can dwarf the costs of labor and materials, depending on the..

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rubber marine fender repair before and after

What is the cost to repair rubber marine fenders?

What is a marine fender and what does it do? Pneumatic rubber fenders play a critical role in marine safety. They help prevent ships from making costly mistakes when maneuvering..

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chiller tube sheet repair coating before and after

Chiller repair and maintenance that will save you money

Fall maintenance work can reveal the need for chiller repair. Have you discovered tube sheet damage as a result of galvanic corrosion? Take corrective action now rather than risk..

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