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ice rink maintenance room floor concrete repair

Concrete Floor Repair

Performing Concrete Floor Repair with Belzona Epoxy Aggregate for Long-Lasting Protection against Abrasions, Impacts, and Vibrations

Building Specs:

Indoor Ice Skating Rink

Pain Point:

Operational Wear-and-Tear Damaged the Rink’s Maintenance Area and Created a Safety Hazard

Indoor Ice Skating Rink’s Vision:

Create a safe environment for hockey matches, free-skating, and group events

Indoor Ice Skating Rink’s Challenge:

The rink’s operators regularly use Zamboni machines to resurface the ice for a safe and clean customer experience. Over time, the Zambonis damaged the concrete floor of the ice rink’s maintenance area.

First, tire studs formed depressions in the floor. Then, water and ice from an undersized

drain pit pooled into the depressions. Finally, wheel abrasion and continual freeze/thaw cycles cracked the concrete floor and created a safety hazard. 

The Challenge’s Impact on the Rink’s Day-to-Day Operations:

The damaged concrete floor posed a safety hazard to workers and would potentially worsen over time. If rink operators didn’t solve the problem, it could also impede the Zamboni machines’ pathway, which would also put customers at risk.

Using conventional repairs, the rink operators would have had to melt the ice and take the rink out of service for weeks. This would have led to lost use of the rink during that time, adding to the cost of repairs.

To keep their facility safe, up-to-code, and clean, the rink operators needed a quick, long-lasting solution for their deteriorating concrete floor.

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Banks Industrial Group’s Solution: Perform Concrete Floor Repair with Belzona Epoxy Aggregate

The Banks Industrial Group (BIG) concrete floor repair team solved the Ice Rink’s problem with the help of Belzona 4131. A rapid-cure epoxy aggregate, Belzona 4131 is much stronger than concrete and provides excellent protection against abrasion, impact, vibration, and chemicals. 

The BIG team completed the concrete floor repair by:

  1. Enlarging the drain pit
  2. Resurfacing the damaged concrete with fast-cure Belzona 4131 epoxy aggregate

By enlarging the drain pit, BIG increased the pit’s overall drain capacity, preventing future ice/water overflows. To repair the spalled areas and cracks, BIG used Belzona epoxies for their superior bonding to concrete substrates as well as their impact resistance. It usually takes epoxies between 8 and 48 hours to cure—lower temperatures create even longer cure times. To speed up the process, BIG heated up the surrounding concrete with heaters and helped the cure process along by heating the ambient environment.

Eliminating the cracks in the concrete floor will provide continued protection against hazardous elements for years to come.

photo series showing progression of repair work done to ice rink concrete floor

Thanks to the fast curing times of Belzona 4131 and BIG’s efficient work schedule, the Ice Rink was able to reopen its floor within 48 hours of the repair team’s arrival.

Banks Industrial Group specializes in above-ground storage tank insulation, protective coatings, concrete, and related maintenance and repair services. Our innovative, and cost-saving solutions help keep your facility running efficiently. For more information about our concrete floor repair, and other industrial solutions, contact our team today by calling 856-687-2227.