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Best ways to outfit a business with OSHA compliant crossover stairs

Jenna Dickinson September 19, 2016
osha compliant erectastep crossover stairs

Industrial plants typically consist of a myriad of pipes, tanks, and other obstacles that make it difficult for its workers to access valves, gauges, and other accessories safely and efficiently. Better access means more work gets done efficiently and safely.

When faced with obstacles in the workplace or hard to reach areas for inspection or maintenance, plant managers typically respond with a “homemade” solution that may or may not meet OSHA codes for workplace safety, or contract out a custom solution from a metal fabrication shop that quickly becomes expensive for larger facilities. Neither approach provides the plant manager with a satisfactory reduction of risk in cost, compliance or safety.

That risk doesn’t materialize until someone gets hurt or until safety inspectors come knocking on your door. Workplace injuries damage morale, productivity and cost managers time and money in lost productivity. Potential OSHA fines (up to $70,000 per occurrence) after those injuries make it clear that compliance is a big deal.

Cost will be an obvious consideration when installing any solution in the workplace. At its surface, the price of a shop solution centers on material and labor. What some may not consider:

  • time spent researching all applicable OSHA codes
  • time spent engineering, building and installing in accordance with these codes
  • the risk of violating an overlooked OSHA code
  • the numerous direct and indirect costs associated with an injured employee

ErectaStep's OSHA 1910.23 compliant solution

Easier OSHA 1910.23 compliant alternatives exist, right out of the box. ErectaStep reduces the risk of injury to the employee and uses a modular design that allows for an infinite number of versatile applications.

In the picture above, ErectaStep easily allows employees to cross over this cement wall to access tanks.

Modular solutions like ErectaStep hide no costs. For standard applications, a quote can be created in minutes, and the solution can be in place in days.

ErectaStep offers the following:

  • always in stock prefabricated components
  • modular components that allow for easy, in-house installation
  • same day shipping
  • slip resistant tread
  • corrosion resistance
  • a myriad number of variations
  • the ability to be broken down and re-purposed in another location
  • full compliance with relevant OSHA 1910.23 regulations

No industrial solution completely drives risk to zero, but some solutions like ErectaStep do a better job than others in minimizing workplace risk.

Hungry to find out if ErectaStep will suit your individual needs? Schedule a lunch and learn - we will provide the sustenance and the learning. Email or call 856-687-2227 for help from our consultants to find you an immediate solution.