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What is the cost of installing crossover stairs or ladders? (Part 2)

Chris Banks October 04, 2016
erectastep rooftop crossover stairs

The Thinking BIG Blog tackled the questions required to address safety platform and fall protection costs in our last post. As promised, part II will show an example of the actual costs for material, installation and delivery.

Badly damaged and unsafe ladder
Badly damaged and unsafe ladder

The impact of NOT installing a safety crossover

The rooftop in one facility featured a five-foot-high parapet wall running down the middle of the roof. Both sides of the wall required access by elevator maintenance personnel.  The building owners provided only the step ladder shown below (the picture does not do this ladder justice – the rungs were cracked and/or missing) to routinely climb over the barrier. As a result, the company servicing this building refused to work for the building operator (leaving him with two broken elevators) until this unsafe practice was fixed. Fortunately, the setup injured no one and no OSHA inspectors came calling.

The facility operators sought out a modular, easily assembled and OSHA compliant solution from Banks Industrial Group. The solution needed to be modular to avoid hoisting equipment to the roof via an expensive crane. The BIG solution met the client’s requirements using an ErectAStep crossover consisting of:

  • two six step stairs
  • two 36 x 36 platforms
  • four handrails (plus associated freight).

Installation required transport of the materials to the roof (via an elevator), assembly and anchoring of the crossover to the roof.


The solution avoided hot work and allowed rooftop assembly
The solution avoided hot work and allowed rooftop assembly

What did the safety crossover cost?

This particular solution’s cost:

- Materials $7022
- Freight $400
- Installation $2100

Total: $9522


How long did installing a safety crossover take?

Our technical consultant generated the quote for this platform in under fifteen minutes on site. The customer received the quote, proposal and drawings on site via email using Erectastep’s proprietary estimation technology. BIG delivered and installed the crossover in less than a week, leaving a happy and OSHA-compliant customer.


Modular installation avoided the use of cranes
Modular installation avoided the use of cranes

What costs did the owner avoid?

The owner of this platform avoided:
- Engineering costs to design and fabricate a custom solution
- Lifting crane, hot work and associated permitting to work on top of the roof
- A 4 to 6-week lead time for design, fabrication and delivery
- Any risk associated with compliance with local or federal safety regulations

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