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helipad concrete resurfacing work in progress

48 Hour Helipad Concrete Repair

Hospital trauma center helicopter landing pad.

Pain Point:
Due to freeze/thaw damage and a poor application of a previous top coating, chunks of concrete would dislodge, posing a threat to helicopters, staff and patients upon arrival and departure.

Hospital's Mission:
To provide superior, around-the-clock emergency and trauma services to the local region.

Hospital’s Challenge:
Repairing the concrete without causing any major interruptions to helipad service. Traditional demolition and repair would take a month due to the curing time of concrete. Concrete "patches" will not work due to poor bonding of concrete on concrete.

The Challenge’s Impact On Day-to-Day Operation:
The helipad serves medical emergency helicopters for the patients in most desperate need of care. However, loose debris on the helipad poses a significant threat to helicopter safety of flight, putting the helicopter, its' cargo and the surrounding staff at risk of injury or fatality. The pilots servicing this hospital reportedly "dreaded" landing there.

helipad concrete repair video preview
Watch Video

Watch a short video of this helipad concrete repair.

BIG Solution: Repair Concrete Spall With Rapid Cure Belzona Epoxy Mortar

Banks Industrial Group efficiently restored a helipad in under 48 hours using specialized Belzona materials, minimizing disruptions to hospital operations.

On day 1, we applied Belzona 4131 Magma-Screed epoxy mortar, selected for its rapid curing and high strength, to ensure a speedy and robust repair, minimizing operational disruption.

On day 2, we used Belzona Belzona 5111 Ceramic Cladding urethane coating, offering superior protection and extending the helipad's lifespan. Additionally, we added anti-slip aggregate to the coating, offering enhanced safety measures to prevent slips and falls. This approach not only drastically reduced downtime but also provided a durable, safe, and cost-effective solution for the customer.

helipad demo work to remove loose concrete

Areas of deteriorated concrete with cracks and delamination are identified and removed.

helipad concrete spall repair work in progress

Epoxy mortar is applied to repair damaged areas and feather edged to level the surface.

helipad concrete protective coating being applied by roller

Final helipad protective coating with non-slip aggregate is applied for long-term protection.

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