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Applications for ErectaStep Crossover Stairs, Industrial Ladders and Swing Gates

Modular ErectaStep Components = Versatility and Safety

Applications for ErectaStep modular work platforms are as numerous as their potential configurations. Below are a few selected applications.

ErectaStep Industrial Walkway Crossover

Raised Industrial Walkway

This raised walkway installation utilizes 30 platform sections, 55 hand rails, 4 three step stair units and 11 support towers to provide safe passage over multiple obstructions. As all parts are in stock, the ErectaStep system easily met the project’s tight construction deadlines.

ErectaStep Gas Pump Station Crossover Stairs

Gas Pump Station Crossover Stairs

ErectaStep industrial crossover stairs provide access over pipes for this natural gas pump station. If this plant changes, these components can be disassembled and re-purposed with a socket and open ended wrench. Common bolt holes across components allows future add-ons at any time.

ErectaStep Generator Access Stairs and Work Platform

Generator Access Stairs & Work Platform

Safe and sturdy access for emergency diesel generator monitoring and maintenance inspections.

ErectaStep Rooftop Crossover Stairs

Rooftop Crossover Stairs

ErectaStep crossovers provide safe maintenance access over rooftop HVAC ducts and electrical conduits at a hotel.

ErectaStep Industrial Stair Platform

Manufacturing Tank Access Platform

This raised industrial walkway provides safe and convenient access to chemical processing equipment.

ErectaStep Pipe Crossover

Bottling Line Crossover Stairs

Complex crossover with multiple access points at a bottling plant. This crossover can be repurposed as the plant grows.

ErectaStep Conveyor Crossover

Conveyor Crossover Stairs

ErectaStep met this plant’s industrial safety needs with in-stock parts that shipped immediately and met all OSHA regulations.

ErectaStep Industrial Walkway Crossover

Pipe Crossover Stairs

ErectaStep’s aluminum construction and powder coating ensure a long service life, even outdoor applications.

ErectaStep Industrial Maintenance Platforms

Maintenance Access Platforms

One of the defining features of ErectaStep is that it’s a single system that fits nearly any industrial stair or platform use case.

ErectaStep Gas Pipe Crossover

Gas Pipe Crossover

This OSHA compliant access platform safely spans 9′ without the need for additional support.

Industrial Maintenace Platform Ladder

Industrial Ladder & Work Platform

Our industrial ladders provide safe access and OSHA compliant fall protection for environments where space is limited.

Industrial Fall Protection Swing Gate

Industrial Fall Protection Gate

YellowGate swing gates can be installed anywhere and the adjustable width accommodates narrow ladder openings.

Safe Solutions Crossover Case Study

This case study shows the rapid design and installation of a complex crossover system in a working fulfillment center.

Watch Video

We Can Configure in Minutes!

Watch our demonstration of the rapid design system used for configuration of ErectaStep safety crossovers.