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Gary Banks December 14, 2016

Banks Industrial Group Rallies Around the Ronald McDonald House of Southern New Jersey

If you want to see a great party, head to the Ronald McDonald House of Southern New Jersey in Camden, NJ.  I recently attended their Christmas Tree lighting party and they rocked the house.  The children’s excitement to see Santa coupled with a lovable clown truly overwhelmed me. Perhaps more overwhelming was the opportunity to see kids embracing a normal, fun night. You have not lived until you experience the laughter and excitement of a really sick child.

Banks Industrial Group supports Ronald McDonald House of Southern New Jersey
Gary Banks, Founder of Banks Industrial Group with Ronald McDonald

What the Ronald McDonald House does and why we support them

Ronald McDonald House (RMH) serves families with ailing children requiring long term care in nearby hospitals. It allows families to stay together and support their children during long periods of care. Sometimes these families seek care far away from their residences or quit their jobs because of the duration of care, creating even more stress on top of the illness that necessitated the displacement. The Philadelphia area offers amazing health care alternatives that attract children in need from places as far away as Asia.

My wife and I consider this an awe-inspiring organization to support. We made a yearlong commitment to sponsor a suite for families to live in while caring for their children. We have been blessed throughout our lives; experiences like ours at the Ronald McDonald House enriches it even further. The suite we sponsor allows a family to experience a relaxing atmosphere and a place to share a dinner each night as a family unit. Our first core value here at Banks Industrial Group is “Family First.” We feel that the mission and the beautiful execution of the RMH aligns well with that core value, making it a natural fit for us to support.

Banks Industrial Group supports Ronald McDonald House of Southern New Jersey
Nothing better than seeing happy children who deserve a break!

About the Ronald McDonald House organization

Volunteers and an exceptional staff run this organization in Camden, while two dedicated and compassionate women, Ms. Ann “Teddy” Thomas and Ms. Tina Fiorentino, provide their leadership. You can see it in their eyes as they react to each and every child that comes within their reach.  Their fight to help others and their ability to put a smile on a child’s face with just a touch or hello inspires me. If you have never seen a child’s face light up to a clown with big shoes, perhaps you should pay a visit.

Did you know:

  • Ronald McDonald house (RMH) was started here in Philadelphia (1974) by Eagles owner Leonard Tose and General Manager Jim Murray through an effort to support player Fred Hill’s daughter who was diagnosed with childhood leukemia
  • RMH is funded primarily through corporate and private donations (McDonalds Corporation, through its’ local owner/operators seek to donate 10% of each chapter’s budget)
  • The Camden, NJ facility features 25 suites and is booked 365 days a year
  • Some residents stay for over a year, with some requiring long term revisits over many years
  • Many residents come from overseas and come here for care at Cooper University Hospital in Camden and at Children’s Hospital, Wills Eye, and Shriners Hospitals in Philadelphia
  • RMH  resides in 42 countries with 359 locations worldwide

Finding ways to make a difference

The Ronald McDonald House Holiday Party. Each year, the house in Camden supports about 800 families in need.
The Ronald McDonald House Holiday Party. Each year, the house in Camden supports about 800 families in need.

Our contribution is small by all means – but the needs of this organization are great. The opportunities to help are endless, and range from things big to small. The little things can matter just as much as the big – for example, RMH consumes 16 rolls of paper towels per day cleaning up spills and consumes 7 bottles of dish detergent weekly, so collecting either as a donation can make a difference. The RMH publishes a list of consumables that they typically need along with some facts about their consumption. In addition, they can use people’s time, whether that means volunteering to paint a room or helping to serve meals.  Local organizations or corporations provide dinners each night. The opportunities to help and the needs are both endless.

Whether it is this cause or another, go find one that touches your heart. Do not be afraid to reach out to help others – the rewards will be endless. Having a bad day? Swing by the house on your way home and it will straighten you right out.

For more information visit the Ronald McDonald House South Jersey website or watch their video.